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Watson Drafting is a reliable CAD outsourcing platform to deliver qualitative yet budget-friendly CAD Drafting Services to our respected clients

92 percent fabricators have now adopted 3D Modeling and 2D Drafting techniques.

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Use of AutoCAD Drafting software for different services like drafting services, detailing services, design services, and CAD drawing services. A reliable MEP Shop Drawings Services for different clients like fabricators, BIM engineers, erectors and drafters to have effecient results

Provide hassle-free 3D Drafting services and 3D CAD Design Services with affordable price point than different drafting companies around you. Reliable Drafting services and detailing services for commercial and residential fabrication and manufacturing projects around your locality

Our Trusted Clients

  • General Fabricators

  • Steel Fabricators

  • Erectors

  • Developers

  • Project Owners

  • General Contractors

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  • Engineers

  • Architects

You can lose your dream project just because of the unavailability of time to prepare the technical and fabrication drawings!

“Our goal is to take care of our client’s needs with the plentiful range of drafting services.”

Who Are We?

Watson Drafting is a reupted drafting company that stands sufficient for all your drafting and detailing concerns.

We offer all trade technical and fabrication drawings you need. Our primary concern is the busy contractors, fabricators, and developers.

How Can Our CAD Drafting Help You?

“Drawing’s accuracy has caused us to lose numerous worthwhile projects”

You May Be Busy
with Your Previous

Particularly in the construction season, contractors have to move from one project to the other in no time. This is only possible as they prepare technical drawings for the next project while carrying out the current one. This is not only worrisome but also carries a great risk of errors.

This mean either delay in working or entirely losing the project. We offer CAD drafting these drawings with accuracy while at the same time you focus on your current project.

Not Utilizing Your Time Can Be Fatal for Your Business

Time plays an important role in the construction industry. The industry is fast pacing and requires that everyone connected work accordingly. Only as the subcontractor is able to produce the needed drawings at the right time, the project completes in the expected time.

But the process takes time at times more than expected. If you are worried, you can outsource it to us. We prepare and deliver it to you in the required time.

Drawings Can Be Confusing for Your Contractors

A normal delay takes 96 hours for GC and suppliers to get a response from architects and structural engineers. We understand the process like no one does.

Get consultancy with our drawing services until you get approval. We will provide assistance to you in the way that process is streamlined and the delay is minimized. Our experts will be happy to assist the contractor on your behalf to make the project better.

Contractors all around the world

Fabrication is tricky work. Contractors and fabricators are meant to make sure that all the things are properly installed. For that, every detail matters as and in the case, they do not get the appropriate details, they suffer a substantial loss.

Do you want to suffer that loss? We offer appropriate drawings comprising all the details for your project plans. These will allow you to carry out the project as per the project’s needs. You can check out our given shop drawings example.

Hiring Fulltime Drafters Cost for your Project

Preparing detail drawings needs a precise expert. Hence, no matter whether you are a contractor or a fabricator, you need to hire a properly skilled person. This hiring costs you a lot. Employee demand salary, paid time off, insurance, provident fund, retirement benefits, and others.

You can either provide all these or just outsource your drawings to us. Our experts have experience with more than 10 thousand steel detailing projects. With that experience, we prepare your needed fabrication drawings at reasonable rates.

What Are You Waiting For? Watson Drafting Is The Right Best Option For You To Choose!

Preparing detail drawings needs a precise expert. Hence, no matter whether you are a contractor or a fabricator, you need to hire a properly skilled person. This hiring costs you a lot. Employee demand salary, paid time off, insurance, provident fund, retirement benefits, and others.

Case Studies from the Past

Clearwater High School, Glasgow, Delaware USA

This project included the use of trusses, beams, columns, and girders. The plan covered a gymnasium, classrooms, store room, parking space, staircases, and auditorium. The scope of this project necessitated us to prepare erection drawings along with all the details. These included all the main structural and miscellaneous steel elements related to the steel usage in the building. These drawings are prepared with Tekla Structures as per AISC, OSHA, and AWS.

Project Specification
Type Commercial Building
Location Glasgow, Delaware, USA
Delivered Steel Erection Drawings
Software Used Tekla Structures
Input Structural and Architectural Drawings

Ruben Department Store, Springfield, Illinois, USA

The construction of Ruben Departmental Store is comprised of 40,000 sq. feet for its various sections. With the redline drawings in hand, we have to try even harder and face great difficulty. Our team of experts puts together initial detail drawings. Afterward, the final drawings through Revit are finalized and delivered to the company. These drawings are ensured to be clash-free with the structural and architectural components of the building. The drawings comprise all the plumbing, mechanical, and electrical components included in the building.

Project Specification
Type Commercial Building
Location Springfield, Illinois, USA
Delivered BIM Modeling
Software Used Revit
Input Redline Drawings

Willful Life Complex, Aurora, Colorado, USA

The building plan included four floors of stores and 15 floors of residential apartments. All of these floors include a number of different facilities, walls, floors, and partitions. Our experts utilize Tekla to prepare CAD drafting. Our drawings include all the needed precast panels and beams. The drawings ensure clash-free shop drawing in construction covering all the components to facilitate fabrication and later construction of the project.

Project Specification
Type Mixed-Use
Location Aurora, Colorado, USA
Delivered Precast Shop Drawings
Software Used Tekla
Input Structural and Architectural Drawings

Tree Condominium, Houston, Texas, USA

For the fundamental MEP requirements, Habitat Builders Company reached out to us. The project comprised 30 residential apartments that are meant for business intent. For all the included apartments, the plan contained an intricate MEP system. Our drafters put together drawings that included electrical, mechanical, HVAC duct, and plumbing details.

Project Specification
Type Residential / Commercial
Location Aurora, Colorado, USA
Delivered Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC Duct, Plumbing Shop Drawings
Software Used Tekla
Input MEP Detail Drawings

Detail of Services

Watson Drafting is home to a diverse range of drawings such as technical drawings. These drawings hold vital importance in construction. They are also called as engineering drawings. These act as the means to commune the technical information of the project plan. Preparing them is simply called drafting. They provide regulatory approvals. Every object is presented as two-dimensional on paper.

Along with them, our deliverables include detailing, shop drawings, drafting, and BIM services. We deliver these with optimum level of accuracy.

  • Precast Detailing
  • Steel Detailing
  • Structural Detailing
  • Solar Panel Detailing
  • Rebar Detailing
  • Curtain Wall Detailing
  • Electrical Shop Drawings
  • Millwork Detail Drawings
  • Plumbing Detail Drawings
  • Mechanical Shop Drawings
  • As-Built Drafting
  • CAD Drafting
  • Façade Drafting
  • MEP Drafting
  • Architectural Drafting
  • 2D Modeling
  • 3D Modeling

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We are an experienced drafting firm. We value our clients through our CAD drafting. As we offer them our detailed drawings, we charge them in the most reasonable way. Just as you send your plan, we prepare our quote and deliver.

While doing so, we make sure the quote is affordable for them.

We have posted our past sample on the case study page. You can visit it to see our past projects. These can help you gain valuable insight into our work. This way, you will be able to make the right decision for your plan at hand.

We prepare the required drawing normally in about a week’s time. Still, it depends on the nature of the plan concerned. You can have the finalized drawings at this time.

Along with that, our completion time varies as per your work deadline.

Our drafters are adept at utilizing the latest modern drafting tools. This includes all the vital software in use i.e., Tekla, Revit, AutoCAD, etc. Our experts are able to make the best of these to prepare the required drawings.

Your details are safe with us. We do not disclose your information to anyone. This way, your plan is secure with us. Feel free and contact us.

Watson Drafting is a proficient firm. To facilitate you, we offer options of phone, chat, and email. Our experts are available at all of them. You can reach us with any of them and will have a satisfactory repose.

We offer easy payment through credit & debit cards and PayPal. You can easily and safely make your payment.

We are available for you around the clock. You can reach out to us any time you like. Our expert will respond to your queries and plans. Just as you send us your project plan, our experts prepare the quote and deliver it to you.

We have a team of experienced resources. They have experience of 3 to 10 years in the ACE industry. During that time, they prepared all different sorts of shop drawings.


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