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Watson Drafting is a reliable CAD outsourcing platform to deliver qualitative yet budget-friendly CAD Drafting Services to our respected clients

Watson Drafting is a reliable CAD outsourcing platform to deliver qualitative yet budget-friendly CAD Drafting Services to our respected clients

Dedicated Drafting Services

Our Drafting Services

Watson Drafting is a leading drafting company with a full range of drafting services. Few of the distinctive one is as follows.

Structural 2D Drafting Services

Reliable Drafting services and detailing services for commercial and residential fabrication and manufacturing projects around your locality

MEP CAD Drafting

Deliver effecient assortment of Mechanical drafting services, Electrical drafting services and Plumbing Drafting services to our respected clients

Civil Drafting services

A comprehensive BIM consulting services for civic structures, transportation and water system projects to have successful results

MEP BIM Services

Our MEP BIM Services includes HVAC duct and pipe modeling, coordination and clash detection along with Point Cloud modeling

MEP Shop Drawings Services

A reliable MEP Shop Drawings Services for different clients like fabricators, BIM engineers, erectors and drafters to have effecient results

Structural CAD Drafting services

A reliable Structural detailing and modeling services for different residential and commercial buildings projects around your area

Electrical Drafting Services

Professional electrical drafting services and shop drawing services for different electrical construction projects near your area

Structural BIM Services

Our Structural BIM services include different services like structural BIM modeling, steel detailing, precast panel detailing, rebar detailing, etc.

AutoCAD Drafting Services

Use of AutoCAD Drafting software for different services like drafting services, detailing services, design services, and CAD drawing services

Construction Drawings

Reliable construction shop drawings services and 2D drafting services for different commercial and residential construction projects

Architectural BIM Services

Our architectural BIM services include BIM, Revit family creation, construction documentation, design development and point cloud modeling

3D Drafting Services

Provide hassle-free 3D Drafting services and 3D CAD Design Services with affordable price point than different drafting companies around you

Mechanical CAD Drafting Services

Reliable drafting and modeling services for fabrication and manufacturing projects control by contractors, fabricators and engineers

BIM Drafting Services

A comprehensive solution of BIM drafting services to cover the entire architecture of the construction building project

Facade BIM Services

Our Façade BIM Services include detailing for curtain wall, structural glazing, spider glazing, skylights and aluminum composite panel (ACP) detailing.

Watson Drafting have vast experience in delivering a diverse range of following CAD services

Design Services

Watson Drafting is a reliable platform to assist different clients through delivering extensive design services. Our drafting professionals will allow you to design, analyze, and collaborate with other architects and MEP Engineers. We develop 3D structural detailing plans, 2D Drafts and 3D CAD Models for contractors, EPC Firms and different steel fabricators. Our design services include architectural design services, structural design services, MEP design services and mechanical design services.

Drafting Services

Our professional detailers and draftsman are expert enough to deliver efficient 2D detailing and drafting services for various commercial and residential construction buildings. Watson Drafting is expert in providing different structural construction document set in CAD for submittals. We follow all the necessary standards for your construction project and ensure quality and consistency in our drawing. Our Drafting Services are according to different building codes of a specific city and region. Our various CAD Drafting services include Architectural Drafting services, façade drafting services, MEP drafting services, and Structural Drafting Services.

CAD Drafting Services

We are a professional CAD Drafting company to perform reliable CAD Drafting services for different engineers, erectors and fabricators. Our expert CAD Drafting services are relevant to technical drawing that creates design and model for your architectural and engineering needs. Watson Drafting includes architectural Drafting, Computer-Aided Drafting, CAD Computer-Aided Design, AutoCAD Drafting, 3D CAD Drawing, Civil Drafting, Electrical Drafting, 3D Drafting, House Drafting, Residential Drafting, Solid Edge Drafting, HVAC Drafting, etc. in their CAD Drafting services. Our various CAD Drafting services include Architectural Drafting Services, Façade Drafting Services, MEP Drafting Services, Structural Drafting Services.

Shop Drawings Services

Watson Drafting is a reliable platform to deliver accurate shop drawings services to different clients like erectors, fabricators and engineers. Our Shop Drawings display a particular portion of our client’s architectural project. We deliver a qualitative shop drawing that comprises extensive manufacturing of different methods and details. Our set of shop drawings is not similar to any architectural drawings set. We have a diverse range of Shop Drawings Services that are mentioned in the above given main section.

3D Modelling

Watson Drafting is a professional 3D Modeling and CAD Drafting company that enables product visualization, analyses your building prototypes, and expands the client’s imaginative capability. We are experts and contain professional structural 3D modeling software to deliver accurate 3D modeling services to our clients. Our Diverse range of 3D modeling includes architectural 3D BIM Modeling Services, Structural 3D Modeling services, and MEP 3D Modeling services.

Detailing Services

Watson Drafting has experts to perform detailing services for different commercial, residential and industrial construction projects. We assist other clients like contractors, erectors, engineers and fabricators with our expert detailing services. We deal with industries like processing plants (Oil and gas), high-rise buildings, steel frame construction firms, and industrial steel structures. Our diverse range of detailing services include structural detailing services, steel detailing services, precast detailing services, rebar detailing services, façade detailing services, curtain wall detailing services, solar panel detailing services, skylight detailing services, etc.

BIM Services

Our expert BIM Modeling consultants manage to show comprehensive, accurate and customized BIM Models. We are expert and have specific domain knowledge with a competent workforce of professional BIM engineers that helps to deliver more than 1000 BIM projects. Our expert BIM Services involves BIM Solutions with LOD levels that vary from 100 – 500. Our diverse range of BIM Services includes BIM modeling, BIM coordination, BIM for infrastructure, Architectural BIM, point cloud to BIM services, modular BIM, Revit BIM services, Façade BIM, MEP BIM services, etc.

Upload your all project’s file/drawings with complete specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will review and send you a quote within several couples of minutes.


Our expert team of drafting professionals manage to deliver CAD design, 3D modeling and Drafting services to the following Industries


It involves design support to manage the planning, designing and commissioning of building assets.


Our professionals cater to different OEMs and sheet metal fabricators with reliable CAD Designs and 2D fabrication drawings

Industrial/Commercial Machinery

It involves a complex design that can easily understand 3D modeling services of different industrial machinery and products

Heavy Equipment

We support heavy equipment manufacturers that ensure productivity by accelerating the design cycle


We support a complete design solution for different HVAC contractors, MEP professionals and EPC firms

Furniture and Fixtures

It shows a quick design evolution and rapid product development from a design through shop drawings


Expert engineering design solutions are for efficient plant layout and equipment design with the usage of minimum material traffic

Distinctive features

Watson Drafting is a professional drafting company that specializes in connecting clients and different firms with qualitative CAD Drafting and Design services. Our expert draftsman is proficient enough to deal with the diverse nature and scope of the project and strive to meet your project goals and timeline. We are efficient enough to offer top-quality drafting services at an affordable price and conventional drafting and design firm.

Following are the few of our distinctive features that makes us unique, among others

  • State of the art infrastructure
  • The system is driven “Best Project Practice” (BPP) production process
  • A comprehensive set of BIM Solutions specifically for the AEC Industry
  • Hired experienced draftsman to deal with more than 2500 commercial and residential construction projects
  • We have qualified and specialized resources with domain knowledge
  • Deliver quality assurance procedure
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Expert in 3D interior and 3D exterior rendering with animated visualization
  • Customer-friendly communication to have a trustworthy relationship

Our Clients

Watson Drafting is efficient enough to deal with the following clients by providing reliable design services, detailing services, drafting services, CAD drawing services, BIM Drafting Services, etc.

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Train Stations and Airport
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Schools and University
  • Tunnels and Port
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial and Gas Station
  • Historical Monuments
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