BIM Auditing Services

Watson Drafting offers BIM auditing services to contractors, fabricators, construction and fabrication companies. It is a usual practice among concerned companies to validate an objective of specific BIM models. This facilitates making them sure of the accuracy and consistency of information presented in BIM (building information modeling) services. Watson Drafting is a remarkable BIM consulting firm that assists needed third-party services with a vast amount of experience and importance.

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What are the Main Auditing Steps?

Following are the few steps of auditing any already availed BIM service:

  • A comprehensive review of your documents
  • Confirm the use of the most efficient industry-recognized BIM implementations
  • Adhere to the location-based building codes
  • Model-checking or auditing (for space compliance, the incorrect object uses, etc.).
  • Effective compliance with relevant BIM standards
  • Reliable model integrity is confirmed as present and so is accuracy verification for the design provided
  • Design validation and feasibility is made sure
  • A comprehensive assessment of BIM LOD for scope and objective of the design function
  • Inspect model conformity while generating 2D drawings

The whole process usually demands certain standards checks that include evaluation of folder structure, conventions, drawing, and sheet naming with integral checks like design validation and verification along with cohesion of building code. We also ascertain the different outputs like the bill of quantity (BOQ) and CD sets, shop drawings through a reliable BIM model and stick to the industry’s best standards, practices, and development levels (LOD).

BIM Model Auditing

We deal with the different construction companies for in-house BIM model auditing with professional in-house engineers. We usually do not undermine the capabilities of different engineers because we deal with extensive experience in BIM models. Our team of BIM auditing consultants provides model designs and auditing for comprehensive companies in different construction fields.

A third-party firm effectively ensures an objective analysis with a model and different features to ensure the meeting of design intent. Our unbiased view effectively brings remarkable outcomes to your reliable model. Our BIM modeling is quite complex and is subject to all professionals and demands knowledge to develop 3D digital models to represent the different components of your project.

Our BIM Auditing Services Include

Our team of BIM auditing consultants effectively provides BIM auditing services for their clients. Their range of services includes different building types that include commercial facilities, residential housing, hospitals, educational institutions, industrial plants, transport hubs, etc.

Our high-profile services include BIM MEP and scan to BIM modeling. Our BIM specialists with vast amounts of experience act as third-party reliable BIM model auditors to work efficiently with the metric dimensions. Following are the few main things that get included in our BIM auditing services:

Validation Checklist

We audit a model review and documentation process.

BIM Model Assessment

We usually compare the model against certain design intentions.

Structural Analysis

Our validation of the structure and energy efficiency of the model.

Compliance Audit

Our validation of the model is against the global standards and best practices.

Audit of the Federated Model

  • We audit the model used for coordination and clash detection in BIM (3D BIM)
  • We audit the model useful for construction simulation and sequencing (4D BIM)
  • We audit the model that is useful for quantity take-off and demand-supply management (5D BIM)
  • We perform analysis of the BIM model (6D BIM)
  • Our operational asset information models are for facilities management (7D BIM)

Analysis of Project Life Cycle Cost

We deal with the cost vs timeline analysis as another key to offering our expert team of auditors.

Why is it Important to Have BIM Auditing Services from Watson Drafting?

Contractors outsource BIM model auditing. This outsourcing helps them a lot differently from different detailing companies. Following are the benefits of BIM auditing while availed from Watson Drafting:

We Provide Assurance that Your BIM Model is Designed Up to the Standard and is Fully Compliant

Watson Drafting is one of the reliable and useful platforms to inspect the BIM model fully. We deal with the things with consistency in naming certain conventions, drawing and object labeling. Our BIM engineers are experts in design validation and verification to adhere to different building codes. Our comprehensive audit effectively identifies and rectifies all the evident problems with your BIM model or as-built construction.

You Will Receive a Comprehensive Report and Detailing Areas for Improvement

Our BIM auditing team and BIM engineers manage to deliver you an accurate and comprehensive report that can easily highlight the non-compliance to different standards and different inconsistencies with the design. Our report will effectively boost your confidence with a BIM model that effectively meets the industry standards and send you comprehensive details to improve it.

We also Ensure Reliable, 100% Accurate Drawings and BOQ (Bill of Quantities)

Watson Drafting has hired independent auditors that audit the output generators from the BIM model and include 2D drawings and BOQ. We will effectively save your time and money along with certain problems that you can rectify before reaching the construction phase.

Receive a Quick Service

Watson Drafting efficiently completes their work within an appropriate timescale with a competent reputation and certain timescale with a comprehensive reputation for acting reliable. Our BIM model auditing services assist in identifying and rectifying faults by saving considerable time and money.

Upload your all project files with complete specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will review and send you a quote within the next several minutes

What is the Main Process of BIM Model Auditing Services in Detail?

Watson Drafting is following a typical process of BIM Model auditing services to proceed with BIM auditing. Our clients follow the following given process for the BIM auditing:

Document Review

Our preliminary and survey documents were reviewed effectively with the initial sketches, designs, and calculations. Our in-depth review will effectively highlight different errors, missing items, and inconsistencies.

Standard Compliance for BIM Models

Our auditors will manage to carry out certain rigorous checks of different BIM models against the best and most efficient industrial standards to ensure that to acquire the most accurate results possible.

Compliance with Different Local Building Codes

Our local building codes are comprehensively research-based and inspect according to the instruction of a BIM Model.

Design Changes

Our drawings, calculations, and BIM models are efficient enough to examine closely and re-checked certain errors or omissions. After the completion of a different rectified problem, we validate an issue.

BIM LOD (Level of Development) Review

Each stage of the BIM LOD generates a review and a reliable comparison through an original objective and scope.

Efficient Scale

We are reliable and deliver highly scalable BIM modeling auditing services that can easily elevate the performance of the audit. In this way, you can easily deal with the change in the business conditions.

Model Conformity Check

Our 2D drawings are comprehensively analyzed to ensure that it conforms with the BIM model.

Miscellaneous Checks

Our BIM model checks other aspects such as space compliance, incorrect labeling, clash rectification, etc.

What is the BIM Audit Checklist?

Following are the few main things that we consider in our BIM audit checklist:

  • Compliance with BIM execution protocol
  • Compliance with different processes and standards
  • Inspect a regular model review and the model checking procedure gets a follow-up
  • BIM capability assessment for a different scope of work to involve in a construction project
  • Federated model being used for 3D coordination and clash detection in BIM
  • Model accuracy verification against the design intent
  • Federated model being used for sequencing, programming, and planning
  • Models are effectively used for the performance analysis
  • Structural analysis
  • Energy analysis
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Operational asset information models for facilities management

Our Other Services

Watson Drafting is a professional platform to deal with the different services that are relevant to BIM auditing. A few of them are as follows:

  • We ensure whether you BIM adhere to the best practices for BIM implementation or not
  • We are capable enough to generate the BIM to adhere to the local building codes
  • We efficiently perform model integrity and accuracy verification against the intent of the design
  • We reliably carry out design confirmation
  • We review the LOD against the design objective
  • We inspect all the 2D drawings models
  • We are expert enough to perform model auditing, evaluating different issues that involve incorrect object usage and space compliance.

Our Process

Watson Drafting assists different clients through the following process:

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