BIM Consulting Services

Watson Drafting is reliable and holds a great reputation among BIM consulting companies to drive effective planning, design, construction, and facilities management with BIM (building information modeling) consulting services. We utilize these services as an extension of having effective patterning on infrastructure and building projects. This approach allows for the free and efficient flow of information and effective decision-making. It eventually invites the end-user to run into the design process at an earlier stage.

BIM consulting services exist between the different facility owners where everyone out there considers that BIM services can effectively add significant value during the operational phase of a built asset’s lifecycle. Our expert team of BIM consultants and BIM engineers considers it practical for different asset owners to own the data related to assets, process and manipulate the data for them.

Avail BIM Consulting Services and Benefit from them for Your Need

What is BIM?

BIM or building information modeling is a reliable system that runs around the analog information about a facility that is transformed into a digital model. It also includes data and geometry and considers as a foundation of different things that consists of the following:

  • Building Design
  • Construction
  • Operations Optimization

It also utilizes BIM consulting services by simulating, analyzing, and optimizing different building-related challenges.

Our BIM Consulting Services Clients

Watson Drafting is a professional platform that runs smoothly with the support of different clients. Our BIM consulting services include:

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Facility Managers
  • Project Managers

Significance of BIM Consulting Services

Our BIM models deliver our clients a reservoir of essential and reliable information. This mainly includes:

  • Reliable beginning points for decision-making while extending, renovating and refurbishing.
  • Operational efficiencies that include space management
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity
  • Asset assessment that involves wear and tear

These mentioned-above benefits of BIM services are relevant to the design phase and construction phase. BIM can add significance during the operational stage of a built asset’s lifecycle.

Our BIM Software for BIM Consulting Services

Watson Drafting is a professional platform among other BIM consulting companies. This status is achieved through the usage of BIM tools among the given list of BIM software:

  • Revit Structure
  • AutoCAD
  • 3ds Max
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Infraworks
  • MicroDrainage

What is the Process of BIM Implementation Strategy?

BIM implementation strategy begins with the following steps for your construction projects:

BIM Capability Assessment and Requirement Gathering

A critical analysis of current practices, capabilities, and people skills.

Goals and Objectives

Finalize different organizational BIM goals along with gap analysis to fulfill the gap between specific goals and existing systems.

Formulation of the Strategy and Process

With our specific defining standards and methodologies, we replace or modify different current strategies and processes that outline the BIM execution plan (BEP).

Investment in Hardware and in the Software Skillset

It involves budgeting, replacement, or up-gradation of existing BIM tools and the required skillset.

Training and Education

A reliable software training, BIM protocol education, guidance in BIM-oriented communication methods, and file sharing.

Pilot Project

Specific pros and cons can quickly improve or streamline BIM implementation strategy to evaluate and modify standards.

Live Execution

Stage by stage or through single schedule execution of different live projects, deployment of team, and assignment of roles


Measure and document progress parameters, modify or correct establishes practices and knowledge base.

Our vast experience in different BIM projects includes various domains like engineering, fabrication, construction, and erection. For our respectable clients, we offer our quick turnaround time for BIM with minimum cost. We in a great manner assist our clients by advising them in the right manner on BIM adaptation procedures without investing upfront.

We effectively offer our clients the appropriate processes and tools that effectively fit in and make it possible to understand the whole project scenario through client standards collectively. It also relies on what we decide on the best software and through execution procedure.

Our BIM Consulting Services Include

Watson Drafting manages to deliver the most professional and reliable BIM consulting services to its clients and accuracy and quality. Our BIM consultants mainly include the following things in their BIM consultation.

  • Offshore BIM team
  • Material Takeoff/ Quantity Estimation
  • BIM Implementation
  • Coordination Among Different Trades
  • BIM Project Integration
  • 3D Visualization
  • BIM Content Creation
  • Model Template Creation
  • BIM Model Auditing
  • BIM Training
  • BIM Execution Planning
  • Clash Detection and Resolution

Our BIM consulting experts effectively understand a client’s business demands and define them according to the correct principles for different domains like architecture, engineering, construction, fabrication, and erections. Our BIM execution planning (BEP) addresses specific inherent business and challenges encountered during adopting BIM implementation. It ultimately empowers our efficient clients to run their business according to their goals and attain a competitive advantage.

Our BIM Consulting Services Provide

Following are the reasons that show Watson Drafting is a reliable platform for having BIM consulting services.

  • Knowledge, insights, and guidance for managing risk systematically
  • BIM adoption and implementation with assured ROI
  • Parametric family creation and Revit Conversion
  • Seamless communication through our convergence facilities
  • Superior quality and standards of different construction projects
  • Plan construction projects professionally for stronger bottom lines
  • Accelerate BIM and its technological implementation
  • Leverage multiple opportunities with BIM
  • Sharing of the most efficient practices followed in the industry
  • Efficiently scale through generating increased profits
  • Empower your in-house teams to leverage the new solution for better results.

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The Process to Have Our BIM Consulting Services

Watson Drafting delivers its professional BIM consulting services through the following steps.

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