BIM Coordination Services

BIM Coordination services

Watson Drafting is a reliable platform to deliver accurate BIM coordination services to clients around the world. Our expert BIM coordinators are dedicated enough to serve architects, contractors, engineers, construction project managers, and sub-contractors to deal with their construction and engineering projects. We deal with accurate and reliable coordination models to save our clients’ time and cost.

We are a reliable platform for all the BIM services in your locality, and our experts are cooperative enough to understand the fundamental importance of well-coordinated projects to analyze, and resolve clashes. Furthermore, we manage to have feedback from the clients even. Our BIM coordination services involve different steps throughout the construction project: BIM clash detection, constructability reviews, and online BIM coordination meetings.

Avail BIM Coordination Services from Watson Drafting. As These Services Ensure Smooth Working

Our BIM Coordination Services

Our expert BIM Coordinators manage to offer these BIM coordination services:

  • Coordination of elements of façade with different structural elements
  • Coordination between the structural and architectural elements
  • Coordination between the MEP/HVAC elements in coordination with the structural and architectural elements

Why is BIM Coordination Services Essential?

There are several benefits of BIM coordination services. Among the various reason why these services are important as given below:

  • It is quick, accurate and assists in real-time clash detection
  • It shows better constructability that relies on clash-free design
  • BIM drawings are simplified coordination and collaboration combined
  • It involves better trade coordination and change visualization
  • It cost and time-saving through precise constructability reviews
  • BIM coordination is quite reliable and efficient
  • Lastly, to manage your construction project in the simplest manner

Our Portfolio

We have managed to deliver efficient and accurate BIM coordination services to the following construction projects in the past:

  • Commercial Construction Projects
  • Residential Construction Projects
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Entertainment Places
  • Educational Institutes
  • Mixed-Use Projects

Our Clients

Watson Drafting is a reliable platform and efficient enough to deal with the following clients for BIM coordination services.

  • Homebuilders
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Retailers

Boost the potential of 3D BIM Coordination Services

Watson Drafting is a reliable platform for 3D BIM coordination services. This coordination relies on parametric software like Revit and Navisworks with the specifications of material. It will assist you to generate error-free 3D coordination models that will identify design errors and propose the optimum amount of design solutions.

We have and will continue to handle the coordination phase of complex projects that rely on project schedules, efficient documentation, RFI’s, etc. We integrate a shared data environment (CDE) to ease its use. Our 3D BIM MEP coordination, BIM build services, and collaboration modeling capability elevate toward building risers, plant rooms, ceiling modules, prefabricated corridors for different commercial projects like healthcare, education, hospital, entertainment, and mixed-use projects.

We ensure that the entire project team leverages, coordinates, and collaborates to identify and resolve several interferences/clashes boost project and stakeholder reviews.

Our Software for BIM Coordination

We frequently use the following software for the BIM coordination process. This is the list of BIM software we use:

  • ✔ Revit
  • ✔ Navisworks
  • ✔ BIM 360 Glue
  • ✔ Fabrication CADmep
  • ✔ AutoSprink
  • ✔ Navisworks

We deliver highly accurate and comprehensive 3D BIM models across every discipline to ensure different members clash before the project moves into other sites.

Upload your all project files with complete specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will review and send you a quote within several couple of minutes

How is Watson Drafting Distinctive Among Other Competitors?

Watson Drafting is an efficient and reliable resource where expert BIM coordinators always ensure standardized work proficiency while dealing with architectural, structural, and MEP projects to create different work synergies and coordination on other checklists like industry standards and design codes.

We deliver BIM 360 model coordination services for building risers, plant rooms, ceiling modules, and prefabricated corridors for different commercial projects like healthcare, entertainment, education, and mixed-use projects. Our expertise in BIM coordination, methodology, and comprehensive functionality ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget according to the client’s expectations.

How Does Our BIM Coordinator Work Efficiently?

Our BIM coordinator virtually coordinates different systems like architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems within a specific building. It is completed through additional software like Revit, BIM 360 Glue, AutoCAD, etc. In the beginning, we need to verify pertinent information against contract documents to model it efficiently. Our BIM Consultant works efficiently with different subcontractors and detailers to effectively coordinate with the other systems within a specific time.

Our BIM coordinator plans to arrive at a certain job site and perform an on-site verification to ensure the installation of different systems installed according to various coordinated fields that use drawings as their primary source. It will eventually prepare coordinated models for facility management.

Our Capability to Handle Big Projects?

Yes, we have a specific dedicated team of BIM coordinators to handle BIM coordination projects. Watson Drafting has a reliable team of BIM engineers with extensive experience to deal with different projects like residential, commercial, industrial, and hospital buildings across other places around the world.

Our Process

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