BIM Design Development Services

Watson Drafting is a reliable BIM design company in the construction industry for providing BIM design development services. We offer a comprehensive range of design development services for different builders, design consultants, and engineers that include the architectural, structural, and MEP elements of a construction project.

We produce architectural drawings that contain design information like material type and location of all the architectural elements like walls, doors, or windows. Our BIM design development drawings are set to deliver and be useful by the engineer or consultant for their formal presentation to the builder or project owner for their approval purpose.

Our design development drawings deal according to the client’s demand in which different things are included. Usually, the client demands floor plans, sections, and elevations with full dimensions, and door and window details that outline material specifications.

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Our BIM Design Development

Watson Drafting is an expert and reliable platform with a skilled team of BIM engineers that efficiently provide BIM design development services. It includes architectural, steel, structural, MEP, and façade domains to provide our BIM services to designers, builders, and design consultants. Our expert assistance is helpful during the entire development phase of the construction. Following are the main BIM services for design development:

  • Rebar/Precast Design Development
  • Structural Design Development
  • MEP Design Development
  • Facade Design Development
  • Architectural Design Development

How We Proceed with BIM Design Services?

Watson Drafting has hired a competent team of designers who work with rough hand sketches and schematic drawings of clients’ and provide BIM design services. Our drawings get revised with specificity and details demanding to develop 3D BIM design.

Our models and drawings are developed with a strong concentration on assisting our clients comprehensively in analyzing various parts of the plan to select the materials. These materials include interior finishes and different products like doors, windows, fixtures, etc. Thus, we work alongside other different design development phases.

Our MEP engineers and the structural team will efficiently assist with the structure, electrical, heating/ventilation, plumbing systems. Our assistance is an extension of what your team of designers can do in material selection and facilitate the continuous progress of system designs. Our strategy is to efficiently put our attention on a construction project so that the interior, exterior, and every other design of a building and its systems are finalized.

Our Deliverables

Watson Drafting is a BIM engineering company to delivers clients the following things through our BIM design development services:

  • Construction Documentation Set
  • Final Materials Specifications
  • 3D Design Development Models
  • Typical Construction Details
  • Sections, Plans, and Elevations with Full Dimensions

Our team of BIM engineers and BIM designers plays the role of the bridge between comprehensive construction documents and schematic design sketches. In addition, our team ensures drawings and BIM 3D models to assist our clients with their projects.

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Range of software

Watson Drafting is a professional platform to have the utilization knowledge about every in-use BIM tool in the market. Following is the list of software we use for providing BIM designs for our clients:

  • ✔ Autodesk Revit Suite
  • ✔ AutoCAD
  • ✔ AutoCAD Architecture
  • ✔ Navisworks

Our Design Development

Our design development is arranged within a sequential step if an architectural design process follows the schematic or conceptual design and uses the schematic phase’s initial design documents. Our design development drawings contain all the pertinent information on technical aspects of building design, including architectural, structural, MEP, and HVAC elements.

We design different details like building materials and systems to integrate the design development model so that clients can easily understand the functionality of the building.

What Essential Input Do We Demand?

Our expert BIM consultants for design development manage to demand the following input into our construction project:

  • Design Sketches
  • Specifications
  • Hand Sketches

Our Process

Watson Drafting is a professional platform and deals with its clients with the following mentioned process:

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