BIM LOD Services

BIM LOD Services

Are you looking for reliable BIM LOD services for your construction project? If yes, Watson drafting is here with the expert range of BIM LOD services for its clients to define how and thorough what way a construction project begins or ends. LOD stands as Level of Development. It deals with the different details of your project, and it relies on the preparation of the initial stage of the design.

Our expert team of BIM engineers manages to work tirelessly to deliver a 3D view of the building design and inspect it with the help of different LOD levels. These developmental models are purpose-built for different design stages, 3D visualization, scheduling, construction-caliber quantities, estimations, on-site production control, and fabrication.

We have the expertise to deliver LOD services for every level. Our BIM LOD ranges from 100 LOD – 500 LOD. We use a certain Level of Detail (LOD) industry specifications and generate a 3D model according to your construction project.

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Our BIM LOD Portfolio

Watson Drafting is an expert BIM LOD firm and stood competitive among other BIM LOD companies. Our expert team of BIM LOD engineers manages to deal with different engineers, architects, contractors, and construction firms across the following industries:

  • Educational and Institutional Campus Construction
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Building Construction
  • Recreational Construction like Parks, Hotels, Resorts, etc
  • Healthcare Construction
  • Infrastructure Development like Dams, Tunnels, etc
  • Transportation Industry that Includes Railways, Tunnels, etc

LOD 100 (Concept Design)

We build a 3D model that develops and shows the relevant information on a basic level. We deal with conceptual model creation and involve different parameters that involve area, height, location, volume, and orientation.

BIM LOD 200 (Schematic Design)

Our general models involve different elements that model with an approximation of quantities, size, location, shape, and orientation. We genuinely attach non-geometric information to the different model elements. It involves an input of architectural design drawings and their specifications. It also involves deliverables of the LOD 200 model for coordination purposes.

BIM LOD 300 (Detailed Design)

Our model element graphically displays within the model as a specific system, object, or assembly while quantifying quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation. Our non-graphic information also attached the model element.

BIM LOD 350 (Construction Documentation)

We include model details and elements that display how building elements interface with different systems and other building elements with productive graphics and written definitions. It also includes support and connection, quantity, size, location, shape, and orientation of elements.

BIM LOD 400 (Fabrication and Assembly)

We model different elements that involve specific assemblies with complete fabrication, assembly, and detailed information to the precise amount of quantity, shape, size, location, and orientation. Our non-geometric information to the model elements also gets attached.

BIM LOD 500 (As-Built)

We quantify different elements that model constructed assemblies to maintain and operate. Our actual and accurate size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation are non-geometric information to different modeled elements.

Upload your all project files with complete specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will review and send you a quote within several couple of minutes

Why is it Necessary to Adopt LOD (Level of Development) for BIM Projects?

Our Revit LOD modeling experts are expert enough to deliver 3D BIM models that ensure industrial LOD specifications that include LOD 100 – LOD 500 for enhanced model clarity and comprehensive design.

  • Evaluate accurate quantities
  • Rapid review of building designs
  • Generate better project handover and establish effective communication with different subcontractors, fabricators, etc
  • It assists in integrating quantity takeoff with different applications involving cost estimation, scheduling, and generating higher efficiency

What is the Difference Between Level of Development and Level of Detail?

LOD stands as both Level of development and Level of Detail. But experts here at Watson Drafting differentiate and know the actual difference between both of them. A level of detail BIM generally consults the graphical details added to a model. A level of development BIM leads to a measurement of gravity of information and is represented by a BIM element.

How is Watson Drafting’s BIM LOD Services Beneficial for Contractors?

We are experts in delivering the Level of development services to our clients and manage to deal with them efficiently. Following are the few main benefits of BIM LOD services provided by our BIM engineers:

  • Quickly define model utility and reliability
  • Use an accurate LOD model for qualitative models
  • We mitigate 2D workflows for cost savings
  • We generate certified decisions that rely on accurate quantities
  • We set an inclusion aspect in BIM deliverables with different LOD documents
  • We assist different design managers in identifying design intricacies
  • We set model usability and limitation to receive by stakeholders
  • We deliver accurate models with a quick turnaround time.

Our Process

Watson Drafting deals with a diverse range of clients with the following process for LOD BIM Services:

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Receive Your Final Product

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