BIM Modeling Services

Watson Drafting is a reliable and efficient BIM modeling company that has managed BIM modeling services for more than 1500 projects across different countries worldwide. Our team of expert BIM modeling consultants develops practical BIM models for clients’ building designs at reasonable prices. Our 2D and 3D BIM modeling generally focus on aiding different clients that move forward to an automated, collaborative, and more apt way of working.

Our BIM engineers hold experience in using Autodesk Revit, FABmep, and Tekla Structures for developing BIM models or delivering 3D BIM modeling. Our building information modeling services are architectural, structural, HVAC, fire protection, MEP, mechanical, plumbing, and façade. We use different BIM objects to store data. It allows us to stay consistent by coordinating the entire process with the structural engineers, architects, MEP engineers, designers, project managers, and contractors to work in a more collaborative environment.

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Define BIM

BIM is an abbreviation of Building Information Modeling (BIM). It is an intelligent 3D model-based process that delivers architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals with the insight and tools to plan efficiently, design, construct and manage the buildings and infrastructure.

Our BIM Modeling Services Software

Watson Drafting has a reliable and efficient team of BIM consultants to utilize the following software for providing BIM modeling services:

  • Autodesk Revit
  • Tekla Structures
  • FABmep
  • Revit
  • BIM 360 Design
  • Insight
  • Civil 3D
  • InfraWorks
  • AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • BIM360
  • PlanGrid
  • Advance Steel

How Watson Drafting is an Efficient BIM Modeling Company?

We have hired experienced BIM consultants and engineers. Our team of professional and reliable engineers is efficient enough to deliver specialized BIM modeling services to our clients. BIM services we provide are designed by considering all the protective measures and with fabrication and data details demanded by the clients. Our proficiency as a BIM modeling service provider relies on the demanding BIM output.

LOD Levels

The benefits of BIM range to a vast extent. Watson Drafting is a professional platform as a BIM modeling company to provide different LOD levels from 100 – 500 BIM levels. Following are the description of LOD levels:

LOD 100 BIM: For preliminary presentation
Conceptual modeling
Mass modeling
Volumetric modeling
LOD 200 BIM: Effective coordination or preliminary presentation
Design development
Generic modeling
Energy calculation modeling
LOD 300 BIM: BOQ/BOM Preparation
Detailed Design
Presentation for Coordination
LOD 35 BIM: Parametric library creation
Construction documents
LOD 100 BIM: Architectural Shop Drawings
Developing Shop Drawings
Procurement Schedules
Coordination, Fabrication, Scheduling
LOD 500 BIM: As-Built Models
Point Cloud Models

Our Range of BIM Modeling Services

Watson Drafting delivers a range of BIM modeling services for various BIM systems. This range is as present below:

Architectural BIM Modeling

Our hired team of BIM consultants manages to deliver architectural BIM modeling services with the help of highly demanding BIM software like Autodesk Revit and Navisworks. We are also capable of maintaining and following these most efficient international standards.

Following are the architectural BIM services:

  • BIM Documentation
  • Develop BIM Models for Sketches
  • BIM Designs
  • BIM Coordination and Clash Detection
  • BIM Models for
    • 4D or Construction Scheduling
    • 5D or Cost Scheduling
    • 6D or Energy Analysis
    • 7D or Facility Management
  • Scan to BIM Conversion
  • Revit Family Creation
  • BIM Content Creation
  • Revit BIM Modeling

Structural BIM Modeling Services

We handle structural BIM projects by offering structural BIM modeling services and make them adequate for your precast, structural, steel, and rebar BIM detailing requirements. We have an efficient past decade to complete the structural BIM projects to varying complexities for different construction projects that range from industrial to residential and commercial structures.

Followings are the structural BIM services we offer:

  • Scan to BIM Conversion
  • Precast Modeling and Detailing
  • Rebar Modeling and Detailing
  • BIM Models for Cost Scheduling, Energy Analysis, Construction Scheduling, and Facility Management

Our BIM detailers efficiently train on different BIM modeling structures like Autodesk Revit and Advance Steel and work within a structural domain to generate and consider structural BIM projects no matter their size or complexity.

HVAC and MEP BIM Modeling Services

Our resolute team of MEP BIM modeling consultants efficiently works on BIM MEP projects with extensive information about BIM MEP models. Our BIM engineers develop to ensure our clients of fabricating, detailing and assembling MEP and HVAC systems go through the whole thing with ease through our HVAC and MEP BIM modeling services.

Our BIM modeling services play a vital role in the construction industry prepared by our BIM Engineers. Our reach of clients across the different locations around the world includes North America, the Caribbean, Australia, European Regions, and other states of the US.

Followings are our MEP and HVAC BIM Modeling Services:

  • 3D BIM Modeling
  • 3D Modeling Services
  • Parametric Modeling
  • Scan to BIM of MEP and HVAC Systems
  • Duct Fittings Modeling
  • Mechanical Duct
  • BIM Modeling for MEP/HVAC Systems
  • Plumbing Layout Modeling
  • BIM Coordination
  • BIM Clash Detection

Facade BIM Modeling Services

We are a professional platform to offer façade BIM modeling services with the help of our expert team of façade modelers. Since the previous decade, our experienced façade modelers have been delivering these services to different fabricators, façade designers, and contractors. Our façade BIM modelers are expert enough to develop through our sufficient 3D BIM modeling, rough hand sketches, or 2D drawings.

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What is the Adequate BIM Vision of Watson Drafting?

Watson Drafting is a reliable platform to deal with BIM modeling services for different clients around the world. We mainly consider a few things to create an adequate BIM vision. The following are the few things our expert consultants believe mostly.

We are Inspirational and Aspirational

The vision is quite far-reaching and efficiently considered aspirational to unite the different elements of the organization. Our BIM engineers roll out as a technological implementation exercise to deliver the momentum demands to sustain progress.


Our executive leadership demands to have a relative knowledge of BIM services and consider their impact with different corporate strategies. It is a vital resource to ensure the trust of your company and deliver efficient and accurate results.

Having Skilled BIM Engineers

We have hired skilled BIM modeling consultants and BIM engineers to deliver qualitative and accurate results to our clients. We are most proficient in this field due to our most efficient skilled engineers and consultants.

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