BIM Services for Architecture

Watson Drafting is profound among other competitors due to its productive nature to deal with diverse clients like architects. We are productive and enthusiastic about dealing with different architects around our construction industry and performing several repetitive activities. We mainly allow our architects to concentrate productively on their construction projects.

Our productive team of drafters involves different advantages to offer through reliable BIM services to architecture to help them efficiently maximize productivity and also optimize the design process without any hesitation. Our quality manager deals with different architects in making good use of time and materials to show productivity and empower different things to transcend a specific conventional way.

Why are We Distinctive Among Other Competitors to Provide BIM Services for Architecture?

We are an expert and reliable 3D modeling platform to render with professional BIM services to architecture. Our BIM-based design development approaches reduce revisions in design and provide reliable ease of managing different changes and their updates. Our productive approach offers design development services and reliable construction drawings in the course of preliminary design phases and involves 3D clash coordination services specifically in the final design phase.

Architectural Project Experiences

Watson Drafting has vast experience in managing BIM services for architecture for different construction projects that deal with the following set patterns:

  • Retail and Commercial Complexes
  • Stadiums and Metro Stations
  • Healthcare, Educational and Correctional Institutions
  • Marine Structures
  • Highway and Underground Utilities
  • Villas and High-rise Apartments

We efficiently automate a pertinent set of design processes to efficiently enhance collaboration among the construction team in a pacing manner. Our experts manage different prior processes with a global set of experiences to make construction design, documentation, and development processes worthwhile and practical.

What are the Main Productive Solutions We Provide to Professional Architects?

Watson Drafting is one of the productive and professional platforms to deal with a huge pool of architects. Services we offer them are:

  • Energy Analysis Modeling
  • Presentation Modeling
  • Clash Coordination
  • Design Development Modeling
  • BIM Content Creation
  • 3D Clash Coordination
  • CD Set Creation

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Our Portfolio of Dealing Different Construction Projects

Watson Drafting is a professional platform that is not limited to dealing with a diverse range of architects but also manages to deal with the following construction projects:

General Contracting

We plan to offer a diverse range of BIM services to productive general contractors.


Our strategy is to deal with the productive infrastructure contractors to integrate with the BIM tools.

Renewable Energy

Our professional draftsmen manage to offer solar panel detailing services to support the concept of effective renewable energy usage.


We offer a reliable and productive end-to-end professional BIM services for architects.

Product Manufacturing

Our expert team assists different product manufacturers in efficiently visualizing their conceptual ideas and assisting clients in robust their construction projects.

Builders/Project Owners

Our expert builders and owners rely on our reliable BIM services to uplift their construction projects efficiently from different competitors.


Our efficient and reliable industrial engineering services are manageable throughout the different types of areas.


Watson Drafting assists in design drafting and supports engineers to manage a comprehensive set of things worldwide.

Our Process

We are a professional platform to deal with different clients through the following processes to manage things efficiently.

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