BIM Services For Hospitals

Watson Drafting is one of the renowned and expert platforms to provide BIM services for different healthcare projects around their locality. Healthcare projects are immense in size and complexity. Building information modeling (BIM) efficiently offers benefits to increase design and construction efficiency. BIM services for healthcare institutions such as hospitals allow a real-time visualization for different stakeholders to reduce costs and program schedules that efficiently improve project quality.

Reliable BIM modeling services for healthcare projects involve early adopters of BIM to inspect and reduce project costs, limit the schedules and increase the project quality. The major gain results in improved coordination of ultra-complex building systems to visualize building team members and clients.

BIM Modeling is an apt tool to effectively manage visual data and involves communication needs for different hospital projects to simplify the fabrication process from design to the actual fabrication by keeping it all in a certain manner.

Our Portfolio of Providing BIM Services for Hospitals

Watson Drafting has an expert team of BIM modelers to deal with the following healthcare BIM services facilities:

  • Neurology Center
  • Cancer Center
  • Dental Center
  • Mental Health Care Center
  • OPD Center for Patients
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Community Health Care Center
  • Medical Colleges
  • Military Hospitals
  • Women and Child Specialty
  • Osteopathy Hospitals
  • Endo Surgery Center
  • Dermatology Center
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Center

Design Phase

We have an expert team of BIM engineers to assist different designers and architects in showing involvement at the initial stages through different design drafts. Our team of BIM modelers ensures that these drafts are updated with the design change.

Watson Drafting is a professional platform to formulate virtual prototype models for different hospital rooms such as; examination rooms, trauma care centers operations theaters, treatment areas helping project owners to easily access and decide among different design ideas. Afterward, our team is efficient enough to assist structural and architectural designers in preparing the final construction drawing set (CD sets).

Our professional team offers design development services for different MEP consultants. We also offer energy analysis modeling as another productive service to offer different consultants within a certain stage. It also utilizes our BIM model to efficiently analyze the input to make it more efficient and more reusable within the already available data.

Our Design Services Include:

  • Energy Analysis Modeling
  • Construction Documents (CD Sets)
  • Design Development Services

Construction Phase

A reliable construction industry offers different services directed to general contractors when they efficiently show their involvement in constructing hospitals. We provide the following major services to our health care clients:

  • MEP Coordination
  • Plumbing Modeling
  • HVAC Duct and Pipe Modeling
  • Medical Gas Modeling

Our expert BIM coordinators produce precise and reliable shop drawing services through different coordination meetings for resolving clashes.

Our Diverse Services in the Construction Domain are as Follows:

  • HVAC Modeling
  • Plumbing Modeling
  • Medical Gas Modeling
  • MEP Coordination and Clash Detection

We are efficient enough to utilize the expert BIM software to provide expert BIM modeling services for our clients. Following are a few of the software we utilize:

  • Revit
  • FabMEP
  • AutoCAD
  • Navisworks

Upload your construction project files with a comprehensive specification of your construction project. Our expert team of BIM Modelers to review and send you a quick quote within a few couple of minutes

Off Site Fabrication

Our expert team of modelers manages to work with scores of plumbing and mechanical fabricators that assist different modular building manufacturers, fit-out contractors, different steel fabricators, and precast panel manufacturers in assisting in generating construction schedules and fabrication drawings.

We deal with different component manufacturers and parametric modeling services to eliminate irrelevant design sections and show investment during fabrication processes. We have an expert team of MEP modelers having extensive experience in generating mechanical piping spool drawings to involve an extensive prefabricated modular building project. Our team has different sections that embed into structural, architectural components along with ducts, piping, and plumbing components through different factories that are off-site and erect into the construction site. Our erection drawings are efficient enough to include different components to fabricate in a particular way that assembles without having any mismatch.

Our Diverse Amount of Services for Healthcare Construction Projects

Watson Drafting is a diverse platform to perform different services to assist different construction projects. Following are the main services.

  • MEP Shop Drawings Services
  • Spool Drawings Services
  • Fabrication Modeling for CNC Automation
  • Steel Detailing Services
  • Rebar Detailing Services
  • Precast Detailing Services
  • Parametric Revit Family Creation
  • Structural BIM Services
  • BIM Model Audit
  • Virtual Design and Construction

Our BIM Services for Hospitals Facilitate Healthcare Built Asset Management (BAM)

Our facility management services are efficient enough to increase comprehensive details for data assembled throughout the process of construction from different clients. Our clients include technical consultants, fabricators, architects, contractors, and manufacturers to integrate and populate the BIM models at the end of the construction phase.

Our Diverse Amount of BIM Services for Hospitals

Watson Drafting is a professional and expert platform to include the following services for different clients.

  • Cobie Data Extraction
  • LOD 500 Facility Management Modeling
  • As-Built Documentation Updates

We have a comprehensive team of BIM modelers to accommodate different things in BIM models that include architectural, plumbing & mechanical, structural, and equipment details to function as a referee for maintenance and operation departments.

Renovation and Demolition

Watson Drafting is a reliable platform to employ as-built documentation and scan to BIM services expertise to formulate a comprehensive plan for the process of renovation. We generate as-built models to generate information to assist inconsistencies that may happen during the demolition process. Our BIM model can efficiently generate, assist and analyze the effect of removing a section or structure. We involve a demolition activity to interfere with other areas and trades.

Our Diverse Amount of Services of BIM Services for Hospitals

  • Existing Drawings Update
  • Scan to BIM Services

Our Process

Watson Drafting is a professional platform to deal with BIM services for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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