BIM Services for Infrastructure and Civil Construction Plans

Watson Drafting is a reliable and efficient platform to provide BIM services for infrastructure and civil project plans with major contributions. We provide our BIM modeling services for different infrastructural and civil projects, including transportation, bridges and dams, land/site development, stadium and civic structures, offshore structures, water treatment plants, etc.

Our team of expert BIM modelers utilizes the BIM services to provide and share a comprehensive understanding to control the project with various diversified stakeholders. Our central BIM models efficiently ensure a certified synchronization and coordination to have emphasis specifically on accuracy. We are here as a productive solution maker to deal with different infrastructure BIM services requirements.

Our Main Drafting Services for Infrastructure and Civil Construction Plans

Watson Drafting is a professional platform to deal with different infrastructure and civil construction projects. Following are the few main names in our drafting services:

  • Construction Drawings
  • FM Data
  • Clash Detection
  • Scan to BIM
  • Cobie Services
  • Structural BIM and Detailing
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • As-Built Drawings

Our Professional Software for Infrastructure and Civil Construction Plans

Watson Drafting is a reliable drafting platform to utilize different modern software for construction drafting and detailing services. Following are the few main names of software we utilize for our BIM modeling services:

  • Civil 3D
  • Tekla
  • Navisworks
  • Revit

BIM Services for Transportation (DOT)

We combine transportation, engineering, and construction at Watson Takeoffs to provide BIM services according to DOT standards because it involves a major fact that the proposed highways and roads interact with different existing infrastructural buildings underground for water and wastewater services. Our BIM modelers effectively provide a common solution for different parties that shows the involvement of every phase in the intended construction project.

We can resolve every clash with the components and schedule before spending time & money on the actual project. We have an expert BIM team to provide clash-free BIM models that productively progresses to fabrication and construction with different operations. Apart from that, we provide different visual options and reliable BIM services to enable accurate decisions to generate construction documentation, drainage, analysis & simulation, lane configurations, geometrics, site grading, cut/fill, and quantity takeoffs.

Our team of multi-discipline engineers and our project team mentions exploring different scenarios, optimizing design, and performing valuable engineering collaboration.

For Who Are We Quantifying our BIM Services?

We have an expert team of drafting professionals to assist the following clients with BIM modeling services:

  • Process Partners
  • Supply Chain Contractors
  • General Constructors
  • Fabricators
  • Designers
  • Asset Owners

Our team is efficient enough to coordinate, construct, operate and maintain everything with modern solutions. Our management team delivers 4D scheduling services to track, plan, and control different stages of a construction project lifecycle that runs from idea to actual construction.

Our Diverse BIM Services for Highways and Roads

Our BIM services cover the following projects:

  • Roads
  • Metro Station
  • Side Walks
  • Highways
  • Traffic Improvements

BIM Services for Offshore Structures

Watson Drafting is an expert platform to deal with the following offshore structures for BIM services.

  • Dock Harbors
  • Floating Facility
  • Pipelay Supports
  • Offshore Platform Structures
  • Cofferdams

Different offshore structures are constructed in marine and oil & gas sectors that differ throughout the construction projects and demand a new way to put different things in arrangement, these things include design, construction, and workflow due to the safety concerns, space constraints, and accessibility factors. Our challenges deal with adopting BIM tools that collectively unite and transfer data into an easy-to-understand digital manner for repeated stages of a construction process.

With our efficient management of construction structure that means to achieve desired adjustments of segments of construction and stack of equipment. Our management fully engages everyone with the core experience. Our expert team allows us to smoothly manage and resolve different issues by integrating and digitizing certain design and change management.

There are various dependencies and relationships between the several parts of structures to establish a single information source of the underlying project right from the planning stage. Our strategy deals with learned parameterization of design information and objects during the sequencing of different stages of project improvements and effective collaboration. We have reliable experience in gaining several marine-related and oil rig projects that guarantee different offshore structural BIM models that are mainly updated, accurate, and show coordination.

Our approach deals with BIM management in an integrated manner that ensures that anyone can easily manage the variety of changes through a visual examination and allow different improvements to the project within the given time and manpower. Our accurate number of material takeoffs, logistics planning, installation schedules, and construction sequencing coordinate through the perfect utilization of different BIM models.

We can tag and log into different asset components to ensure that fabrication and construction data are properly synchronized, adequately stored, and made able to be extracted in a simpler digital format. We can assist and reproduce the precise and accurate amount of fabrication shop drawings.

Our generation of construction model embeds different information on different parameters of operations that includes standards schedules to monitor the technical condition, management of different emergencies, cost estimates for the reliable repairs and maintenance, etc. It can be efficiently updated through different site changes as per requirement after construction, handing it over to the concerned persons, ones who utilize the as-built models for operation and renovation. Precisely, try to plan, design and analysis, documentation and approval, operation and show maintenance with the dismantling of things.

Upload your construction project file/drawings with a comprehensive specification of your construction project. Our expert team of BIM Modelers to review and send you a quick quote within a few couple of minutes

BIM Services for Site Development

Watson Drafting efficiently knows the importance of providing precise and effective BIM services to play within different site development projects. Our team efficiently works progressively on given site development projects worldwide to incorporate buildings, roads, retaining walls, topographical surfaces, landscaping, street lighting, parking areas, hardscaping, etc.

Our expert team manages to utilize the tool named laser scanner survey with site development to efficiently accumulate the topographical data related to the construction site. We import the evaluated data into the 3D BIM models to directly land into your software. We provide efficient data continuity with a comprehensive site model to show continuity and reuse different building placement, underground utility development, etc.

A comprehensive rendering of architectural representation of BIM models provides different regulators and involve authorities in a productive apprehension of the construction project and assists in acquiring approvals and permits for construction. Our conceptual model efficiently provides an ease to move towards the construction phase by keeping our BIM models updated with comprehensive details.

Land/site Modeling Extends to Different Construction Areas for BIM Services

  • Civil Structures
  • Landscaping
  • Parking Areas
  • Retaining Wall
  • Street Lighting

Tunnel Information Modeling or BIM Modeling for Tunnels

We have our tunnel information modeling that extends to the following things:

  • Barrier Elements, Retaining Walls
  • Escape Routes and Pump Houses
  • Cut and Cover Tunnels
  • Portals and Through Walls
  • Rock and Lining Tunnels
  • Technical and Installation Rooms
  • Utility Infrastructure in Tunnels

We can efficiently leverage BIM services to leverage the entire construction project cycle with tunnel design, construction, and maintenance. Our design of tunnels assists different risks that involve interconnected systems of different multidisciplinary engineering elements with complex geometries.

Our team is expert and modern enough to generate 3D models of existing conditions before excavation begins. They also utilize different Services for tunnel information modeling to provide realistic 3D representations of different components that show involvement and interaction. We also allow certain inconsistencies to analyze and mitigate at an earlier stage.

Watson Drafting, a professional platform, offers a collective team effort with multiple engineers of civil, electrical, mechanical backgrounds to create 3D models for different clients. Our team manages to deal with unacceptable and unforeseen circumstances by identifying and resolving them collectively. We are well equipped to deal with different clients, including contractors, consultants, or asset managers to efficiently communicate and work out transparently with different stakeholders that show involvement in tunnel construction.

We are efficient enough to integrate BIM models to coordinate with trades that can easily detect and take care of clashes between them and generate construction sequences for 4D & 5D services. Our expert team manages to deal with construction drawings, quantity takeoffs, and shop drawings.

Bridge and Dam Information Modeling (BrIM)

It involves a set of reliable construction periods by providing BIM as a widely used service to manage a horizontal structural project that includes bridges and dams to deal with conception through different design, construction, fabrication, maintenance, and operation. Our construction projects deal with different magnitudes to consider as complex and involve different design elements like power and lighting systems, wastewater management utilities, complex retaining structures, and road & rail systems.

Our BIM models efficiently show its workflow to generate the process that enables design, coordination, and the actual construction throughout multiple disciplines like hydraulics, mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering. We are productive enough to provide certain integrated BIM models for clash coordination and trade services within a construction model.

Our comprehensive model visualization efficiently empowers us to generate informed and reliable design decisions. Our team supports accurate designs as model-based and construction documentation to increase the efficiency of construction. We have progressive and timely BIM support to ensure that you have practical fabrication drawings for offsite manufacturing or fabrications. A construction project about dams or bridges to provide requires BIM services for smooth operation and maintenance.

Our BIM Services for Dam and Bridge are for:

  • Vehicular and Pedestrian Bridges
  • Interchanges
  • Entry and Exit Ramps
  • Retaining Walls
  • Underpass and Overpass Bridges

BIM Services for Water Treatment Plants

We deal with the comprehensive BIM services for constructing water treatment plants:

  • Stormwater Management Systems
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Presentation Modeling

A reliable BIM service plays a major role to simplify at-hand technical difficulty that shows involvement in the design and construction of water distribution systems. It also improves operations and asset management to fulfill the set of different utilities. It involves its accuracy through different BIM services that enable planning boards, engineers, technical consultants, and contractors to engage in water treatment plants projects that help to understand and implement designs and different what-if scenarios.

These productive scenarios test and then simulate the actual performance by enabling the stakeholders to develop comprehensive monitoring, understanding, and controlling the procurement schedules like 4D and 5D. It evaluates different impacts on the environment and shares accurate visualization of different project stages that lead from design ranging to construction.

Utilize our BIM services to ensure you acquire the right BIM model as the source among different supply chains, engineering disciplines, water authorities, and contractors to continue and evolve a comprehensive way of dealing with the entire construction project cycle.

A construction project team efficiently explores and optimizes different designs, develops comprehensive understanding, communicates, reviews, and revises different working systems that show a seamless collaboration. We have a strong grip on BIM engineers with comprehensive BIM modeling for pipelines and underground utilities to deal with clash coordination and other elements such as civil, plumbing, and mechanical with water and drainage water networks.

A coordinated BIM model deals with different plants, including dams, water treatment plants, watersheds, stormwater facilities, and drainage, to model and integrate into an efficient BIM model. We valued different additional services to extend beyond design and construction phases. We are proficient at managing the project cycle up to the operation to ensure our model get synchronized and get updated repeatedly and store accordingly different as-built updates. Our comprehensive information embedded BIM models hold great potential for different operators and asset managers to repair and maintain different mechanical, electrical, and structural systems.

BIM Services for the Stadium and Other Civic Structures

We are professional enough to deal with modern-day sports stadiums and complex structures to design and build a strong emphasis to sustain aesthetics to involve the audience with comfort and bring the house of string to facilitate different places like car parks, restaurants, shopping outlets, swimming pools, and other commercial structures. We involve extensive power, mechanical, lighting, plumbing systems to interact with different structural systems.

Our expertise is to assist our clients with the most productive structural steel detailing and precast detailing services. We deliver collaboration and coordination with different trades that are quite challenging and multidisciplinary. Our expert drafters deliver data through the communicative 3D models to efficiently collaborate different engineering disciplines to construction.

Our BIM Services for Stadium Modeling:

  • Public Facilities Development
  • Parks and Stadium
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Athletic Field
  • Presentation Modeling

BIM Services for Underground and Overhead Utilities

Our productive BIM services for different utility modeling extends to the following:

  • Rail and Road Networks
  • Electric Cables and Telecom Lines
  • Telecom Structures and Cabling
  • Bridges and Walkways Piping
  • Power Distribution and Transmission Systems

We effectively revolutionize different ways of underground and overhead construction to design, construct, operate and renovate without any ambiguity. Our team efficiently integrates different geological parameters and involves construction data compiled into 3D digital models. We develop productive BIM models for underground facilities that can be efficiently delivered and utilized by planners, engineers, and other professionals to show involvement in the construction project and utilize different aspects of underground utilities that are as follows:

  • Telecom
  • Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Electricity Distribution
  • Water Mains
  • Fiber Optics
  • Wastewater Pipes
  • Storm Drains