BIM Services for Product Manufacturing

We are a reliable and productive platform to assist different product manufacturing companies with reliable technological advancements and make it advantageous through BIM technology and its practices. Designs play a quantifiable role in facilitating construction procedures and assist different construction & engineering in doing so.

We deal with the AECO industry to increase the usage of BIM services through the reliance on different construction companies. Our experts prefer to deal with manufacturers and suppliers to build productive BIM designs and plan for them.

Our data is efficient enough to prepare reliable BIM services for the product manufacturing sector through BIM tools and allow a project to deal with the design, assembly, and installation along with facility management phases around the world. We are productive enough to bring a combined set of experience globally and involve many construction projects.

What Are the Main and Effective Solutions to Deal with the Product Manufacturing Sector?

As a professional platform, we manage to allow and increase the reliability of construction projects through the following set of BIM services for product manufacturing and other services:

  • Parametric Modeling
  • 3D Solid Modeling
  • Prototype Modeling
  • Revit Families

Our Diverse Portfolio

Watson Drafting manages to provide a comprehensive set of BIM services for product manufacturing to the following set of construction projects:


Watson Drafting efficiently offers reliable end-to-end BIM solutions for a diverse range of clients around the world.

Product Manufacturing

Our productive company manages to assist manufacturers to visualize conceptual ideas with BIM services for product manufacturing.


Our reliable industrial engineering services assist comprehensive areas in managing things with a stronger perspective.

Builders and Project Owners

Our productive company manages professional builders and project owners to have productive drafting services.


Watson Drafting efficiently manages to design reliable drafting support for a diverse range of engineers around the market.

General Contracting

Our reliable and productive company manages to offer a range of different BIM services to general contractors.


Our expertise is to assist infrastructure contractors in having reliable integration through our BIM drafting services.

Renewable Energy

Our drafting experts provide solar panel detailing services for different clients to support and promote renewable energy usage.

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Our Process

Watson Drafting is a productive and professional platform that deals with its clients through the following process:

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