BIM Services for Renewable Energy

Watson Drafting coordinates with the reliable set of BIM services for the renewable energy industry to manage renewable energy projects and allow them to efficiently grow through our provided services with a productive aim. We embrace productive green technology through the government’s alliance of relying upon reliable Business Information Modeling.

We cooperate with the public and private contractors to have efficient BIM services for your renewable energy projects that emphasize a sustainable and reliable design to minimize the environmental impact. Our experts are motivated to show their full support in making environment-healthy solutions that are environmentally friendly, economical, feasible, and energy-efficient to utilize and manage things.

Our expert architects efficiently adopt different sustainable designs to optimize comprehensive building performance to eliminate mistakes in the designs. We have a productive service to deal with general contractors and construction companies, including clash detection, BIM-based coordination, generating BOMs and BOQs, Shop drawing services, etc., to assist them efficiently.

What Are the Main Benefits We Provide to Contractors Who Demand a Renewable Energy Regulation?

Watson Drafting is a professional platform that can efficiently deal with contractors and other clients to benefit from the following in BIM services for renewable energy industry:

  • Attain more transparency
  • Gain efficiency
  • Ensure a reliable quality control

What Are the Main Productive Solutions to Deal with the Energy Sector?

Watson Drafting provides a comprehensive set of productive solutions to different clients to assist their construction projects. these clients include:

  • Integrated Product Development
  • Fabrication and Shop Drawings
  • Prototype Modeling
  • Parametric Modeling
  • Coordination and Clash Detection
  • Solar Panel Detailing
  • Energy Analysis

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Our Deliverables

Watson Drafting is a productive and reliable drafting company that assists the following set of construction projects:

General Contracting

Watson Drafting is a professional and productive platform that offers an efficient BIM service to deal with comprehensive general contractors.

Builders and Project Owners

We are productive enough to manage different owners and builders to provide drafting services for their construction projects.


Watson Drafting is a productive platform for dealing with a comprehensive range of engineers and providing precise design drafting services for construction projects.


Our competent contractors deal with industrial clients that manage industrial engineering services for a comprehensive range of services.


Watson Drafting offers comprehensive end-to-end BIM solutions for different architects worldwide and deals with everything with productivity.


Our reliable drafting team assists different infrastructure contractors in integrating with productive BIM services.

Product Manufacturing

Our management team efficiently deals with product manufacturers to visualize conceptual ideas around the world.

Renewable Energy

We deliver BIM services for the renewable energy industry to promote renewable energy and help ones progressing this industry.

Our Process

Watson Drafting is a reliable platform and demands to follow the below-given process from our clients.

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