Electrical Shop Drawings Services

Everyone loves to have operational, safe, and lasting electrical systems. We make it possible for our clients through our electrical shop drawings services. We hold an apt team of electrical detailers in-house. They thoroughly understand the fabrication, assembly, and installation of electrical systems. They deliver these drawings as accurately as possible through the latest software.

Get Our Electrical Shop Drawing Services and Benefit from them

Information Offered in Them

Our electrical shop drawings contain all the details you need for building the needed electrical installing it. We have expert detailers that understand electrical materials and their fabrication. As a result, they offer these details in the drawings:

  • List of materials needed for the system
  • All the measurements and dimensions of the materials
  • Comparison with construction drawings
  • Fabrication and prefabrication details
  • Assembly and installation information
  • Details for engineers and architects

Range of Electrical Shop Drawings

Electricity is used in all sorts of buildings. It acts as the power source for a variety of needed devices. Hence, electrical systems are made to provide passage for electricity for operated devices. To assist with this, we offer electrical shop drawings. Our drawings cover every known electrical system. Some of the frequent systems are

  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Wind Energy / Solar Power
  • Tooling Robotics & Assembly Systems
  • Turnkey Integrated Systems
  • Industrial Automation Systems
  • Backup Generators
  • Program & Logic Control systems
  • Hazard Monitoring Systems
  • Temperature, Power & Lighting Systems
  • Emergency Systems
  • Instrumentation & Control Systems
  • Motion Control Systems

Upload your all project’s file with complete specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will review and send you a quote within several couples of minutes

Beneficiaries of These Drawings

Electrical shop drawings facility all the concerned personnel. Although, all of these individuals need them in their own prospects. Hence, experts at Watson Drafting make sure that they get what they need. Through their vast experience, they prepare drawings with the concerned details and deliver them. These individuals include

  • Engineers
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Electricians
  • General Contractors
  • Electrical Fabricators
  • Erectors
  • Vendors
  • Architects

Applications for Electrical Shop Drawings Services

Whether you are an engineer hired just for your opinion or a fabricator to actually carry out the job, you need services. Our electrical shop drawings services include everything you need and much more. In other words, these can help you carry out your task with ease. In addition to that, they are helpful for many reasons. These reasons are:

  • Time is saved as you won’t have to think and decide
  • Work halts are taken care of with these drawings
  • Material wastage is solved with them
  • Labor and material management is easier
  • Alteration and mistakes are handled with good result
  • Fabrication, assembly, and installation are smooth
  • And other benefits come from them

Our Expertise in the Construction Industry

Our expert electrical shop drawing consultants utilize several reliable software to deliver accurate and qualitative electrical schematic drawings to our every client. Below are the few electrical shop drawing software: Watson Drafting is an experienced detailing firm. We have provided electrical shop drawings for a huge number of construction projects. Through this experience, we have fully understood fabrication, assembly, and installation. Also, we are fully familiar with the client’s requirements and concerns.

As a result, we deliver these drawings as the ultimate tools that in turn make our drawing known. This way, we have built quite some repute and clientele in the construction industry.

Special We Offer Along with Our Electrical Shop Drawings Services

We hold a strong trusted clientele due to many reasons including our drawings. Along with them, we ensure various other facilities for our clients. As you have our electrical shop drawings services, we also offer:

  • Rapid response to your queries and plan
  • Reasonable rates for the drawings as per the plan
  • Timely completion as per the agreed completion time
  • Highest level of accuracy in every measurement
  • Drawings are as per the international standards of detailing

Contact Us

As you have decided that you want our services, you can have them just through this procedure.

Send us the plan

To start, you need to send us your project plan. It can send through the upload button as the actual file and as a cloud storage link. Right after our experts will deliver you the quote.

Consent to our quote

You will receive the quote along with the completion date, a questionnaire, and an agreement. As you consent to it, we will begin preparing the drawings.

Receive final drawings

To deliver the final drawings, first, we send you a rough draft. Later, we will discuss with you the details with you over the phone and prepare the drawings.


Do you offer revisions and how many of them?

We make sure that our drawings are of the right standard and comprehensive. Still, if the client what revisions, they need to state the number of revisions prior to the quote. Later this is included in the quote.

How do you charge for electrical shop drawings services?

We charge as per the scope of the project. As we receive a project plan, we prepare the quote and deliver it. However, we make sure that the cost is reasonable.

Are your detailers experienced?

Our detailers hold experience of up to 10 years. During this time, they have prepared these drawings for a huge number of clients.

How can we ask our queries?

We offer facilities i.e., chat, call, and email. You can use any of these means to reach out to us and ask your queries. Our experts will listen to you and give a satisfactory answer.

How much time do you take to prepare these drawings?

While completion time for these drawings differs for projects, we take about a week for a normal project. Still, we offer our services as per our client’s needs.