Facade BIM Services

Are you exploring a reliable platform for BIM Services for facade in your construction project? Here you go. Watson Drafting is a reliable and efficient facade BIM consulting firm having extensive experience and expertise in facade BIM. We are proficient and expert enough to assist a comprehensive range of clients, including construction companies, general contractors, product designers, architects, and manufacturers.

Expert team of facade BIM engineers at Watson Drafting has proven their expertise in creating BIM models of facades for different projects that vary complexities, including apartments, high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, markets, and shopping malls.

Get Facade BIM Services at Watson Drafting to Fabricate Perfect Facade According to Design

Facade BIM Modeling Services

Certain facade areas are quite difficult to visualize or drawn into two different dimensions. It involves complicated assembly details, intricate components that present the need for 3D modeling thus facade BIM modeling services are offered. Our BIM models are relatively considered useful and productive while explaining or displaying different design patterns that are either usual or complex.

We deal with the BIM shop drawings and fabrication drawings that are also helpful for the facade building owners and contractors to deal with future construction projects. Our BIM modeling or facade BIM service is quite helpful to explain all the essential parts of panel construction and interfaces.

Facade BIM Services Covers

Watson Drafting is a professional and reliable platform to deal with a diverse range of clients for its facade BIM services and prove helpful for the following things:

  • Prefabricated Metal
  • Aluminum Curtain Walling System
  • Structural Glazing
  • Metal Composite Panel Cladding
  • Metal Canopies
  • Doors and Windows
  • Skylights

Our BIM services are leading in the market because our expert facade BIM engineers hold experience in facade BIM coordination, detailing, drafting, and drawings. Our BIM for building facade is also known as curtain wall BIM, storefront BIM and building envelope BIM.

Our Different BIM Facade Services

Watson Drafting is one of the most competitive facade BIM consulting companies and deals with diverse clients to deliver facade BIM services. Our BIM facade includes the following services that we offer to our clients:

  • 3D Facade Modeling
  • Cladding BIM
  • Curtain Wall BIM
  • Storefront BIM
  • Building Envelope BIM
  • Wall Cladding BIM
  • Facade Elements Modeling
  • Construction Facade Modeling
  • Facade Shop Drawings
  • Storefront Shop Drawings
  • As-Built Facade Modeling
  • Facade BIM Coordination

Our expert facade modeling services or facade BIM services are prepared through the latest BIM tools. They are efficient enough to assist facade technology to communicate and coordinate between the designers, fabricators, contractors, and installers, specifically with the system analysis, construction planning, and management.

It assists you in fully understanding the importance of facade BIM to improve different buildings’ technical performance and constructability.

Advantages of Having Facade BIM services from Watson Drafting

There are reasons why it is beneficial for a contractor to get facade BIM services from us. following are the benefits of BIM facade services our clients get:

  • Our expert facade BIM engineers deal with the BIM services that can efficiently make 3D visualization to improve the designs and details of volume, shapes, exteriors, and facades
  • Our facade BIM delivers accurate information that effectively reduces errors and reworks
  • Our BIM can assist in improving profit and project delivery time
  • Facade BIM also assist different contractors and fabricators to fully understand the certain details and information to proceed the process along with its installments
  • We assist facade BIM services with a 3D visualization to ensure every other component according to its places and data
  • We deliver a comprehensive and complete set of building a model view to evaluate the suitability and selection of facade
  • Our expert facade BIM consultants also convert the 3D design of facade models to different BIM requirements
  • Our 2D CAD fabrication and installation drawings for facades are effective in building construction
  • We evaluate facade performance for illumination, daylight, and thermal analysis

Upload your all project files with complete specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will review and send you a quote within several couple of minutes

What are the main phases of Facade BIM Services?

Watson Drafting is one of the reliable and compatible platforms among facade BIM consulting companies. Our expert facade BIM consultants manage to deal with the following phases. Below are the three main phases of facade BIM.

Design Phase

We implement BIM in the facade design phase to involve a comprehensive study of building information modeling or BIM across the construction industry and a design phase that involves a comprehensive study of building information modeling across the whole construction industry, design, and manufacturing process in facade engineering. It belongs to the main purpose of this phase to identify current barriers to the application of BIM in facade design and specify the requirements for a reliable implementation.

Developing a Prototype

The second phase involves developing a prototype BIM for specific application to facade design in response to the different issues faced. We also involve BIM software as add-ons and a database of information that gets captured and followed. A prototype model is eventually developed and utilized to gather comprehensive feedback from different design professionals to involve at a certain stage to inform the final design.

Application to a Live Facade Project

In this last phase, the prototype refines and evolves itself into fine-tuned and applied to a section of a live project. It will eventually serve as comprehensive testing and observation of BIM application to a facade design.