Industrial Steel Detailing

Industrial projects are far more different than residential and commercial ones. If you are building any industrial project, you need the right detailing information. We offer industrial steel detailing services for industrial clients. Our detailers completely know how industrial projects are and prepare the drawings accordingly.

They are highly learned and experienced with industrial requirements. They include every detail in the drawings. Our experts utilize the right software such as Tekla, Autodesk, ZWCAD+, Revit, AutoCAD, and others to prepare them.

Avail Our Industrial Structural Detailing

Our Clients

Watson Drafting is known for its detailing and response. Our services are avail for the concerned clients as they have been in the past. We deliver appropriate details to them in their required manner. Over the years, we have gained much familiarity and trust among them. Our range of clients includes:

  • Steel Contractors
  • General Contractors
  • Industrial Contractors
  • Installers
  • Industrial Fabricators
  • Engineers
  • Architects

Our Steel Detailing

We understand steel usage in industrial projects. Our detailers understand the plan provided to them and offer sufficient drawings to you. Our services include everything you will need to carry out the project at hand. These include:

  • Fabrication Instruction
  • Beam Shop Drawings
  • Anchor Setting Plan
  • Rebar Shop Drawings Services
  • Steel Shop Drawings
  • Construction Documents
  • Structural 3D Modeling
  • Connection Details and Dimension of a different set of drawings
  • Structural CAD Drafting
  • Column Shop Drawings

What Do You Get with Our Structural Detailing?

Our experts understand all the information requirements for steel fabrication. They are familiar with the different steel specifications. Combining all their experience, they come up with details about these in our detailing drawings:

  • Joists & Roof Trusses
  • Columns and Beams
  • Cured Balconies & Handrails
  • Curtain Walls & Wal Cladding
  • Deck Framing
  • Door & Window Frames

Components of Industrial Steel Included

Industrial steel includes a vast range of uses. Our detailing drawings include all of these uses along with their specifications. These details provided help you to carry out the project in the right manner. These uses are classified as these different components:

  • Beams & Columns
  • Slabs & Trusses
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Stairs
  • Handrail
  • Railing
  • Steel Pipes

We Ensure International Standards in Our Drawings

We hold great knowledge about our international standards and ensure them to our clients. Our experts continue to learn and practice them to make sure that you get the right drawings. The prominent ones among our practiced international standards are:

  • CISC Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel
  • RCSC Standards- Research Council on Structural Connections
  • BS – British standards
  • AISC- American Institute of Steel Construction
  • ASTM Standards – American Society for Testing and Materials standards
  • AS – Australian Standards
  • ES- European standards

Our Past Experience with Industries Projects

We hold a long history of satisfied industrial clients. This history has helped us learn a lot of things and build a strong profile in the industry. We hold a solid understanding that we hope to better in the future.

Our detailing services are for all sorts of projects. All we need is your project plan. Everything will be according to its accuracy. These details have been provided for a vast range of projects. Some of the frequent projects from the past include:

  • Chemical Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Refinery Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Polymer Plants

Why Us?

Looking for steel detailing for your industrial projects? Contact Us! We have more than our detailing service. We offer you your desired experience. Our experts have something more to offer. On our website and your direct contact, they offer you these facilities:

  • Our experts are available around the clock
  • You can call us, email us, and get in touch with us through our chat option
  • Our quote is delivered after a few minutes after you upload your plan
  • We deliver our services with the highest level of accuracy
  • The latest tools are utilized in the best manner
  • We ensure that you get every detail so that you carry out the right results

How to Have Our Industrial Structural Detailing

Made up your mind about our detailing drawings? Just follow the procedure given below:

Contact Us

Sent us your plan. Your plan should include architectural drawings, specifications, and design plans in it.

Get a Quote

Our experts prepare the quote in the next few minutes after you upload the plan. Our quote comes with the project completion date, a questionnaire, and an agreement on certain services.

Receive Your Final Product

We will send you the rough draft as you agree to our quote. Our experts contact you through email or call to finalize the details to deliver you the right drawings.


Yes, we do offer revisions for industrial projects detailing to our clients. They are meant to mention the revisions as they send us their plan. Our initial quote is prepared to comprise this request.

Our services usually take about one week. We prepare and deliver them in that time. But it can vary to the client’s work deadline. We deliver them as per their required time.

Our services range as per the scope of the client’s project plan. As they sent us their plan, we prepare the quote and send it back.

We communicate as someone reaches us and explains his requirement. Through our proper consideration and deep experience in industrial detailing, we make sure that our drawings include sufficient details.

We offer a chat facility on our website and you can call or email us. We ensure that you get the right experience on all three of them. Our experts respond swiftly and understand your concerns.

We are a team of highly experienced resources. They have experience from 3 to 10 years of providing detailing services for industrial projects.