MEP 3D Modeling Services

Watson Drafting is a reliable resource for MEP 3D modeling services to endorse design data and create precise construction documentation for MEP projects through expert modeling software like Revit. Our 3D modeling experts focus on delivering expert Revit MEP 3D modeling solutions to clients such as architects, general contractors, MEP consultants, retailers and home builders.

Our diverse years of experience, efficient technologies and expertise of our team members has created 3D models for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire systems. We define spaces and zones in a building model. Following is the detail about our mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire models.

Avail Our MEP 3D Modeling Services and Complete Your Project with Ease

Mechanical 3D Modeling

We deal with several construction projects that include demand for mechanical requirements for heating and cooling, placing air terminals, ducting and concerning chillers, fan coil units, fire dampers, grille, diffuser layouts and other mechanical equipment. Following are the common constituents of mechanical 3D modeling Services.

  • Fire Protection System Modeling
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Spool Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Collision Coordination and Detection
  • Heating and Cooling Systems Modeling
  • HVAC Duct Modeling
  • Construction Documentation
  • Builders Work (penetration) Drawings
  • HVAC Pipe Modeling
  • Clash Reports
  • Parametric Modeling and BIM Library Creation

Electrical 3D Modeling

Our experts also deal with the models of electrical systems for our clients. These electrical 3D modeling services include information like circuits, lighting fixtures and other electrical equipment including ladder, tray and containment, lighting and electrical fixtures and controls. Following are the services provided to customers.

  • Coordination Drawings
  • Electrical Riser Modeling
  • Collision Coordination and Detection
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Parametric Modeling and BIM Library Creation
  • Cable Tray Layouts
  • Clash Reports
  • Spool Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Builders Work Drawings

Plumbing Modeling Services

We have dealt with the model of the plumbing projects and provided plumbing modeling service for plumbing requirements to customers. Information provided in these 3D modeling services concerns pipes, valves, pipe concealment, pipe insulations, pumps, pipe specialties, drainage material, fixtures and fasteners. Following are the services provided in plumbing modeling services.

  • Coordination Drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Cable Tray Layouts
  • Parametric Modeling and BIM Library Creation
  • Clash Reports
  • Spool Drawings
  • Electrical Riser Modeling
  • Collision Coordination and Detection
  • Shop Drawings
  • Builders Work Drawings

Fire Modeling Services

We deal with fire protection and prevention systems models by including several things like sprinkler mains and sprinkler distribution and prevention equipment like detectors, sensors, and alarms.

Our MEP 3D Modeling Services Deliverable Tools

Watson Drafting delivers MEP 3D modeling services using BIM software for comprehensive spatial coordination that considers applicable requirements, lagging, access, and efficiency of services/system runs. Our expert works within a modular or prefabricated MEP environment, creating comprehensive fabrication and module drawings.

Following are the deliverables

  • Our dedicated 3D MEP modeling support services are efficient for lead designers and different consultants, MEP contractors and consultants.
  • Our MEP Modeling services are on a standalone basis as a part of the complete design. It also includes the structure and the services
  • Our MEP model involves installation drawings and shop drawings.

Our Portfolio

Our expert MEP 3D Modeling is for various construction projects. We have catered the following construction projects:

  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Leisure
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Commercial Sectors
  • Laboratories
  • Multi-purpose Buildings

Our MEP 3D Modeling Services

We make sure that our MEP 3D modeling services are delivered with the specified international standards and efficient formats as the client has requested. Following are the MEP Modeling Services.

  • HVAC CAD Modeling
  • Pipework CAD modeling
  • Wastewater drainage CAD modeling

  • Plumbing CAD modeling
  • Electrical CAD modeling
  • Drainage CAD modeling

Our Clients

Watson Drafting delivers MEP 3D Modeling services to the following clients.

  • Consultants
  • Design Engineers (Mechanical and Electrical)
  • Sustainable Consultants
  • Design Consultants

  • MEP Contractor
  • Manufacturers
  • Management Firms

Our Distinctive features

Watson Drafting is distinctive among other competitors due to the following unique features.

  • We create high quality and accurate construction documents
  • We coordinate different services of the firm to avoid conflicts
  • Our experts deliver high level and precise quantity take-offs
  • We save cost by speeding up the construction process
  • We ensure high-end construction management

Our Process

Our clients follow a general process to get accurate MEP 3D Modeling services from our expert drafting professionals. Many contractors, fabricators and general contractors tend to follow the below-given method to have efficient results.

Contact us

Upload your construction projects documents that comprise architectural plans, specification and design. After that, consult us through call or email.

Get a quote

Our team will send you a quote within a few minutes after analyzing your construction documents. Later on, we will prepare a proposal and a questionnaire that comprises project completion details and an agreement on several services.

Receive your final result

After receiving the agreement from your side, we will send you a rough draft and consult you through call or email to finalize the construction project.

Our MEP Services Includes

Our experts offer the following expert MEP services to different clients like contractors, fabricators and engineers.

  • Revit MEP 3D Modeling
  • Shop and Fabrication Drawing
  • Patent Drawing
  • Isometric Drawing
  • As-built Drawings
  • Mark-up Detailing
  • Parametric Drawing
  • Builder’s Working Drawings
  • Parametric Modeling
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Mechanical Shop Drawing
  • Mechanical CAD Conversion Services
  • Fabrication Drawing
  • Technical Drawing