Piping Shop Drawings Services

Pipes concern every sort of building structure and perform a delicate job. If you are worried that your building project might not get the right piping system, you need piping shop drawings services. We are a known construction detailing company that provides these drawings in the most practical form possible.

We have a team of expert piping detailers in-house. These utilize the latest tools and deliver these drawings. As they prepare them, they ensure that the drawings are fully accurate and applicable during construction. Just go through our simple procedure and have them to the required results.

Have Our Piping Shop Drawing Services as They Ease Up Fabrication of Your Piping System

Constituents of Our Piping Shop Drawings

Our experts utilize the latest tools to prepare inclusive drawings. These include every detail so that our clients have nothing to worry about while fabrication, assembly, and installation. Our piping shop drawings include details:

  • List of all the materials for the project
  • Fabrication details for pipes, their fittings, and other related materials
  • Dimensions including sizes and location verified by comparing with construction document
  • Comparisons notes with respect to construction documents
  • Information for architects and engineers

All these cover everything in the project for the plan provided.

Upload your all project’s file with complete specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will review and send you a quote in the next few minutes

Why You Should Have These Drawings

Pies are delicate and so is the purpose of their installation. Hence, contractors and project owners need to have piping shop drawings. These help them to make sure that fabrication, assembly, and installation are flawless.

The drawings represent every detail in the most accurate and real-like manner. This way, they assist as:

  • These minimize the chances of errors during construction activities
  • They save time for labor, contractor, and project owners
  • These help with alterations by guiding architects, engineers, and contractors
  • They facilitate the material acquisition and other spendings

Beneficiaries of Piping Shop Drawings

Like other construction-related details, piping shop drawings services benefit various different individuals. These drawings facilitate them in their own varying requirements. These individuals are:

  • General Contractors
  • Piping Contractors
  • Piping Fabricators
  • Pipe Installers
  • Pipe Erectors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Plumbers

Our Expert Piping Detailers

Watson Drafting is home to expert piping detailers. They hold substantial experience of 3 to 10 years of providing piping shop drawings. They continue to improve their knowledge and expertise about preparing these drawings. In this, they also cover the aptness to use the latest tools to prepare drawings. Combined with all their knowledge, they ensure that every detail and measurement is accurate.

Once they are done, the drawings are reviewed by a senior detailer. He takes everything to a more usable standard and ensures the drawings are perfect in his review. This confirms that the drawings are deliverable and practical for construction activities. After all of this, we delivered them to our clients.

Procedure to Outsource Us Your Drawings

You have made up your mind and now you want to have our piping shop drawings services. Just follow through with this procedure and have our services.

Comes your plan

Send us your plan. You can upload through the upload button. It can be a complete file or link to cloud storage.

Quote for your plan

Once the plan is received, our experts prepare and send you the quote against it. It comes along with the questionnaire, completion date, and agreement.

Final Drawings

After you agree to the agreement, we prepare drawings. First, we sent you a draft of the drawings. then we contact you by phone for further details. Afterward, the drawings are prepared and delivered.


What is your policy for revisions?

We do offer revisions. Our clients have to state the number of revisions before the quote. Once stated, they are included in the quote.

How do you charge for piping shop drawings services?

Our charges for these services are subject to the scope of the project. As we receive a plan, we prepare the quote as per the scope and deliver it. Although we keep it as reasonable as possible.

What is your normal delivery time for these drawings?

Our normal time for delivering these drawings is a week. However, this can be adjusted as per the needs of clients. In that case, the client has to request it.

What is your resources’ expertise?

Our resources hold experience of as far as 10 years. Over this period of time, they have provided these services for wide-ranging projects.