Precast Panel Detailing Services

Watson Drafting is a leading organization to accomplish the complete demand and requirement for all sorts of precast panel detailing services. It is a construction product to create a reusable mold by precast concrete and its initial stage will acquire more control over the environment. Our precast panel detailing services are composed of precast concrete wall panels and details to prepare and utilize prepared mold/form within the specific environment.

Our expert precast panel detailing consultants have vast experience working with the largest fabricators in the USA and over the globe. Our in-house expert detailers, architects, and engineers have experienced more than 10,000 panels per year. Our professional team of precast panel detailing consultants built hundreds of tools to make the whole process quick and complete the project within a specific time. Our strategy is to deliver top-class precast panel detailing services across the globe.

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Our Precast Panel Detailing International Standards

We follow the following international codes and standards for delivering precast panel detailing services:

  • American Concrete Institute (ACI)
  • American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI)
  • British Standard (BS)
  • Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario (RSIO)
  • Australian Standard (AS)
  • New Zealand Standard (NZS)

Our Precast Panel Detailing Services Includes

Our expert precast panel detailing services includes the following detailing of your construction project:

  • Panel Bar Bending Schedule
  • RCC Wall Drafting
  • Precast Stair Detailing
  • Embedment Detailing
  • Insert Plate Detailing
  • Precast Concrete Wall Panel Details
  • Precast Concrete Façade Details
  • Grout, Ferrule Locations
  • Quantity Takeoffs
  • Panel Estimation
  • Wall Rebar
  • Column and Beam Detailing
  • Slab Detailing
  • Lifting Leg Location

Our Clients for Façade and Wall Panel Details

We cater our accurate and reliable precast concrete facade and wall panel details to the following clients of the construction industry.

  • Structural Engineers
  • Steel Fabricators
  • Steel Erectors
  • General Contractors
  • Engineering Companies
  • Construction/Architectural Firms

Our Precast Panel Detailing Services

We include the following list of the precast panel detailing services for different construction work.

  • Double Tee Detailing
  • Precast Concrete Beam Detailing
  • Precast Beam detailing
  • Precast Panel Detailing
  • Precast Shop Drawings
  • Precast Fabrication Drawings
  • Precast Connection Details
  • Quantity Takeoffs
  • Stairs Detailing
  • Embedment Detailing
  • Bills of Materials
  • Beam and Column Detailing
  • Precast Erection Drawings
  • Slab Detailing
  • Grout, Ferrule Locations
  • Lifting Leg Locations
  • Marking Plan
  • Bar Bending Schedules
  • Precast Wall Panel Detailing
  • Wall Panel Detailing

Our precast panel detailing services carry in different sizes, shapes and forms and includes both vertical and horizontal steel-reinforced concrete ribs with a simple precast concrete panel.

Upload your all project’s file with complete specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will review and send you a quote within several couples of minutes

Our Features

Watson Drafting is a professional and reliable platform and stood distinctive among other competitors in precast panel detailing companies due to the following features.

  • We have qualitative standards of delivering precast concrete façade detail
  • Our experts are efficient enough to complete the project within a specific time
  • Our expert detailers have International experience in delivering precast panel detailing services
  • We have experienced a diverse range of construction projects that includes residential, commercial and industrial projects
  • Optimized and comprehensive project delivery
  • We are flexible and have a scalable team size
  • We deliver cost-effective detailing services

Our Range of Precast Panel Detailing Services

We are experts in providing effective precast detailing services that hold the facility to ace your project. We include in our services these following systems.

  • Cross-Wall Systems
  • Large-Panel Systems
  • Frame Systems
  • Longitudinal Wall Systems
  • Slab-Column Systems with Shear Walls
  • Mixed Systems
  • Two-Way Systems

Our Precast Panel Detailing Software

We are expert in delivering accurate and unique precast panel detailing services with the use of the following software

  • AutoCAD
  • RebarCAD
  • Revit
  • Navisworks
  • Tekla Structures

Our Precast Panel Detailing Portfolio

Our expert team of precast panel detailing consultants manage to deliver our precast panel detailing services to the following construction projects.

  • Commercial Building
  • Multi-Level Buildings
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Industrial Structures
  • Bridges and Modular Structures
  • Residential Buildings
  • Chemical Plants
  • Foundation Structures

Benefits of Precast Panel Detailing Services

Following are the few benefits of having precast panel detailing services:

  • Lower maintenance cost and insurance premium
  • Excellent and efficient sound depletion leads to minimize the sound transmission
  • Easy construction irrespective of the weather condition
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Concrete doesn’t burn; hence, safe evacuation and firefighting
  • Low vibration that gains efficient traveling of sound

Our Process

Watson Drafting is a professional platform where we have delivered several projects to clients on shop drawings, modeling and detailing. Below is the process through which you can acquire your precast panel detailing services.

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We will contact you after analyzing your construction project documentation. We will manage to send you a quote within the next few minutes and a proposal that consists of the project completion date, questionnaire and an agreement on different services.

Receive Your Final Product

After receiving back the given proposal from your side, we will manage to send you a rough draft that comprises complete precast concrete façade and wall panel details of your project. Our efficient customer support team will call or email you to have feedback and consult to finalize the project.