Rebar Shop Drawing Services

Construction projects are made with a lot of different materials. Among them, some stand more vital than others. Therefore, rebar holds highly vital importance. As a result, you need to make its usage in the most appropriate manner. We assist that, through our rebar shop drawing services. We have just the right experts for it. They know the requirements, standards, and tools to prepare the drawings.

They utilize the latest and more fitting software to prepare these drawings. All the details and measurements are included in them to make them practical.

Their Role in Construction

  • Material and labor management
  • Workflow and completion time
  • Construction activities i.e., fabrication, assembly, and installation
  • The resulting outcome for future usage
  • Any possible mistake or wastage
  • Productivity and budget

Our rebar shop drawing services help with these parts of building projects.

  • Structural frame
  • Precast forms
  • Reinforced walls
  • Reinforced ceilings

Our Expertise in These Drawings

Watson Drafting holds a strong reputation among contractors, fabricators, project owners, and others for our drawings. We have been offering rebar shop drawing services for years and have gained substantial experience in the industry. Through this experience, we have gained insight into

  • Specific needs of different clients
  • International standards for preparing these drawings
  • The accuracy required for actually fabricating and carrying out other activities
  • Delicacies in all the constituting activities
  • Time’s in having these services
  • The right tools to prepare the drawings

Uses of Rebar Shop Drawings

The chief quality of rebar to facilitate this is its tensile strength. Resultantly, it can act as a vital tool to deliver the intended results for a long range of construction projects. For this, we offer rebar shop drawing services. Some of the projects that include its usage in almost every plan and building:

  • Small-Rise Buildings
  • Mid-Rise Buildings
  • Skyscrapers
  • Stadiums
  • Theatre
  • Industrial Plants
  • Bridges
  • Warehouses
  • Foundations
  • Houses
  • Fences
  • Landscape Projects
  • Recreation Centers
  • Dams
  • Airports
  • Power Plants

Clients for These Drawings

Rebar made many vital construction projects. Hence, a lot of individuals required details about its usage. We understand that all of them have their related uses so that they are able to get their intended results. Our pool of clients for rebar shop drawings includes

  • Rebar contractors
  • Architects
  • Rebar installers
  • General contractors
  • Project Owners
  • Rebar fabrications
  • Rebar erectors
  • Project Managers
  • Engineers

Have Our Rebar Shop Drawing Services

How to Have Them

Having our rebar shop drawing services is very easy. All you have to do is to go through this simple process and your rebar fabrication will become easy.

Your project plan

Just as you upload your project plan, the process begins. Our experts analyze the plan and prepare the quote. They try their best to keep the charges as reasonable as possible.

Our agreement

Along with the quote we send you the agreement, questionnaire, and completion date. You should thoroughly go through them and make the decision. Once you agree to these, we begin with preparation.

The final drawings

Afterward, we prepare rough drawings and send them. Then we contact you to discuss details. Through these details, we prepare the final drawings.


What is your policy for revision?

We offer revisions as per clients and charge accordingly. As clients provide us with the plan, they need to state the number of revisions. These are then included in the quote.

What is your rate for rebar shop drawing services?

We charge as per the plan provided. Just as we receive a plan, we prepare the quote and deliver it. Still, we ensure that the charges are reasonable.

How can we discuss large details?

You can call us and discuss even the tiniest of details. We keep everything completely confidential so that you can talk without any worry.

How long do you take to prepare rebar shop drawings?

We take about a week for a normal project to prepare these drawings. On the other hand, drawings for bigger projects take more time as per the scope of the project.