Revit BIM Services

Watson Drafting is a reliable platform with a customer-centric reputed BIM services provider. For years we have been delivering comprehensive Revit BIM services. Our expert Revit BIM consultants aim to improve the client’s construction process by managing different innovative strategies according to business requirements. Our expert Revit BIM consultants manage to sustain their relationship with renowned construction companies globally.

Our expert team of Revit experts utilizes their comprehensive range of expertise to generate accurate Revit 3D models and deliver a reliable building design solution that works effectively. Our Revit BIM modeling services are accessible to detect different clashes, streamline certain workflow, extract construction documentation to work effectively according to the level of detailing ranges. A common detailing range of our BIM LOD ranges from LOD 100 to LOD 500.

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Why Have Revit BIM Services?

An efficient amount of infrastructure needs can easily generate the need for Revit BIM services. Following are the main benefits of BIM modeling services:

  • Improves visualization
  • Increase productivity with the use of effective information
  • Enhance coordination of construction documents
  • Improvise different components of a construction project idea
  • Ensure reliable handling of drafts and documents with comprehensive scheduling
  • Work at an affordable rate
  • Integrates project solutions
  • Insist on a speedy delivery

Our Portfolio

Watson Drafting is working efficiently to deal with a diverse range of clients for different construction projects. Our Revit BIM services are applicable for the following construction projects:

  • Academy
  • Airports
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Commercial
  • Communication buildings
  • Hotel and motels
  • Data centers
  • Educational
  • Elderly
  • Assisted living
  • Entertainment
  • Federal facilities
  • Military
  • Mixed-use and retail
  • Naval facilities engineering command
  • Private and public services
  • Recreation
  • U.S Army corps of engineers
  • U.S Veterans Administration
  • Utilities

Our Clients

Watson Drafting is a productive platform to lead as a BIM services provider in the construction industry with a global footprint and specialize in offering Revit services to the following range of clients.

  • Manufacturers
  • Engineers
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Consultants
  • General Contractors
  • Design Firms
  • Fabricators

Our Revit BIM Services

Watson Drafting assists different clients by delivering different support for various sections like architectural, mechanical, structural, plumbing, electrical, and MEP coordination for construction drawings, models, and documents.

  • 3D Modeling with Revit Structure
  • Revit Architecture Design
  • Revit Landscape Architecture
  • Creation of Revit Library
  • Revit BIM Designs
  • Revit Construction Drawings
  • Revit BIM Drafting and Drawings
  • Revit Clash Detection
  • Construction Scheduling

Our Revit BIM Modeling Services Includes

Watson Drafting has hired a vast range of reliable Revit BIM consultants that hold with rich relevant knowledge to provide Revit BIM modeling services. Our workforce holds 240 BIM engineers with different qualitative results. Our dynamic and updated team of BIM consultants shows their expertise and comprehensiveness in our Autodesk BIM and Revit BIM services by delivering reliable BIM models for different domains.

Following are the few Revit services provided by our preconstruction design and BIM support.

Architectural BIM Modeling

Our Revit architectural BIM modeling services create different BIM models of LOD 100 to LOD 500. We extract the construction documentation from the model to generate a complete set of models for different types of buildings and infrastructure. Our architectural BIM services include the following things.

  • Architectural BOQ’s
  • Revit BIM Architectural Modeling
  • Scan to BIM Service/ Point Cloud Modeling
  • Revit Landscape Modeling
  • Customized Architectural Revit Family Creation
  • CAD to Revit/ 2D to BIM Conversion
  • Quantity Takeoff and Specifications

Structural BIM Services

Our expert BIM structural modelers manage to deal with the different builders, construction firms, contractors, and fabricators to generate structural steel models to be useful in fabricating the structural BIM services. Our expert Revit modeling services for structural domains include steel detailing, rebar detailing, 3D modeling, 4D BIM Revit, etc. Our Structural services include the following:

  • Schedules and Quantities/BOQ’s
  • Revit BIM Structural Modeling
  • Construction Documentation
  • Revit Structural Steel Detailing
  • Precast Detailing/Modeling
  • Precast Detailing/Modeling
  • As-Built/Scan to BIM Structural Drawings
  • Structural BIM/Family Content Creation

MEP BIM Services

Our high-precision Revit MEP BIM services are provided to our customers. Our MEP BIM model goes up to LOD 500 and shop drawings for different residential, commercial, retail, hotels, educational institutions, etc. Our Revit drafting services are for MEP and compliant with applicable building standards and codes. We offer a comprehensive thing in our BIM MEP services, few of them are as follows:

  • Scan to BIM/ Point Cloud MEP/HVAC Modeling
  • MEP/HVAC Shop Drawings
  • Schedules and Quantities/BOQ’s
  • Revit BIM MEP/ HVAC Modeling
  • As-Built Drawings
  • MEP Content Creation and Parametric Families

Revit Façade BIM Services

We are a certified and professional platform to integrate façade BIM services that enable evaluation of the important elements of design for building through improved functionality and performance. We also provide aesthetics with a sustainable ratio.

Our façade services encompass spider glazing system, aluminum curtain walling system, structural glazing, metal canopies, metal composite panel cladding, doors & windows, and skylights. We offer a comprehensive package in our façade Revit BIM modeling, few of them are as follows.

  • Shop/Fabrication Drawings
  • Façade BIM Modeling
  • Structural and Architectural Glazing Detailing
  • As-Built Drawings
  • ACP Detailing
  • Curtain Wall Detailing
  • Profile System Detailing

Scan to BIM

We hold an excellent record of executing scan to BIM projects like different train stations, churches, museums, monuments, tunnels, commercial and residential buildings. Our apt Revit BIM services are provided through the latest BIM tools and technology to convert point cloud data to BIM models with utmost accuracy.

BIM Coordination

We deliver our Revit BIM modeling to different renowned construction companies and contractors globally. We effectively create designs, detect clashes and suggest a suitable resolution to ensure seamless BIM coordination for architectural, MEP, and structural trades.

Clash Detection

Our clash-free and coordinated BIM models aid contractors and builders to check, identify, report and eliminate soft and hard clashes. Our informed decision manages design conflicts and workflow conflicts throughout construction projects.

Revit Family Creation

Watson Drafting manages to deal with loadable and in-place Revit families to allow engineers and designers with an effective level of control over different components with similar uses and behavior. We are professional enough to create certain parametric with non-parametric families for different elements.

Steel Detailing

Our qualitative steel detailing services focus on delivering accurate fabrication drawings for different structural steel elements that are useful for fabrication.

Distinctive Features of Watson Drafting

Watson Drafting is an experienced and decades-old effective pre-construction firm that focuses on delivering quick and competitive Revit drafting services to accelerate your company’s growth. Following are the few main distinctive features of Watson Drafting.


Our cost-effective BIM support generates reliable buildings.

Effective Communication Skills

We prefer to deal with clear communication and quality deliverables.


Our expert team of Revit BIM consultants holds a great depth of knowledge about every service we offer.

Rapid Turnaround

Our customized project management approach is quick and delivers services timely.


Our projects rely on the scope that delivers a requested service without exceeding the term or committing a delivery schedule.

Data Security

We ensure the confidentiality and data security of different construction projects.

Our Software for Revit BIM Modeling

Our expert team of Revit BIM consultants manages to deliver Revit BIM modeling services using the latest BIM tools. The list of BIM software we utilize as follows:

  • Revit
  • Solid Works
  • ArchiCAD
  • AutoCAD
  • Tekla
  • Rhinoceros

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