Shop Drawings Services

To satisfy market’s fabrication demand Watson Drafting offers accurate shop drawings services to valuable construction concerned clients. Our Shop Drawings services stand as the complete guide to durable assembly. We have hired expert BIM engineers and drafting professionals in-house to deliver our various drawing services.

Our Comprehensive Shop drawings display the intended portion of our client’s project. Our experts deliver quality shop drawings that focus on actual assembly through provided particulars, methods and comprehensive details. This specific set of details included in our shop drawings is meant to solve every fabrication need.

Our Clients

We serve the following clients with our expert shop drawings. These drawings hold potential to ease them and facilitate them in completing the project in time.

  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • General Contractors
  • Contractors
  • Fabricators
  • Erectors
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers

Our Shop Drawings Services

Watson Drafting’s vast team of experts are able enough to provide a huge number of Shop drawings services. Among these services prominent ones are mentioned below.

  • Steel Shop Drawings
  • MEP Shop Drawings
  • Architectural Shop Drawings
  • Shop Front Drawings
  • Millwork Shop Drawings
  • Railing Shop Drawings
  • Rebar Shop Drawings
  • Mechanical Shop Drawings
  • Electrical Shop Drawings
  • Plumbing Shop Drawings
  • HVAC Duct Shop Drawings
  • Piping Shop Drawings
  • Cladding Shop Drawings
  • Flythrough Shop Drawings
  • BIM Shop Drawings
  • Casework Shop Drawings
  • Metal Fabrication Drawings
  • 2D Drawing Services
  • CAD Drawing Services

Our expert Draftsman and drafting professional deliver their reliable rebar drawings services and other related drawing services to the following regions:

  • North America
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • The Caribbean
  • New Zealand

Deliverables in Our Shop Drawing Services

Our experts genuinely make several competitive efforts to guarantee your project’s satisfaction with quality shop drawing services. Our expert mainly follows the plan provided to them and follows shop drawing terms that represent every specific detail of every included item, even the smallest ones. All our technical drawings services include erection drawings, fabrication drawings, final design drawings, and shop drawings.

Watson Drafting’s draftsman delivers these shop drawings as DXF files for CNC cutting because it is effectively essential to discuss the client’s expectations, beginning with a particular job.

Following are the specific things that show involvement while having shop drawings:

  • Steel Drawings
  • Millwork Drawings
  • Windows Drawings
  • Staircase and Railing Drawings
  • Metal Cladding Drawings
  • Skylights Drawings
  • Stainless Steel Products
  • HVAC Systems

Third-Party Shop Drawings Review

Our clients usually request project details with information with certain specifications highlighted or by comparing. This mainly includes materials, specifications, joining details and comprehensive details of measurements.

We understand that our customers tend to rely on these services. That is why before delivering it to customers, we make sure that the shop drawings are reviewed by a senior draftsman. This double check is practiced at Watson Drafting to ensure that proper accuracy is ensured and shop drawings are working.

Our Shop Drawing Fields

We have a vast and diverse team of draftsmen. These draftsmen are familiar with every shop drawing field in existence as per now. As the time passes their experience builds up and their drawing ability improves.

Fields we are working with include these shop drawing services:

  • Architectural Shop Drawings
  • MEP Shop Drawings
  • Structural Shop Drawings
  • Facade Shop Drawings

With these shop drawing services serving different and important purposes for fabricating. These shop drawings contain a vast set of such services in themselves. Explanation concerning these services are as below:

Architectural Shop Drawings

Shop drawings related to the size, orientation and location are dealt in architectural shop drawing services. To provide for its constituent drawing services we offer services such as:

  • Architectural Shop Drawings
  • Millwork Shop Drawings Services
  • Millwork Shop Drawings
  • Millwork Drafting
  • Millwork Drafting Services
  • Interior Shop Drawings
  • Modular Shop Drawings

Structural Shop Drawings

Shop drawings related to the structural composition, elevation and other structural attributes are studied and sorted in structural shop drawing services. Shop drawings concerning structural composition are:

  • Modular Shop drawings
  • Rebar Shop and Fabrication drawings
  • Precast shop drawings
  • Handrail shop drawings
  • Erection Drawings
  • Structural Shop Drawings
  • Structural Shop and Fabrication drawings
  • Stair Shop drawings
  • Steel fabrication drawings
  • Engineering fabrication drawings

MEP Shop Drawings

Shop drawings related to the Mechanical requirements, Pipes, Electrical system, ducts and HVAC are the subject of MEP shop drawing services. comprising shop drawing services include:

  • Assembly Drawings
  • Shop and Fabrication Drawings
  • Coordination Drawings
  • Plumbing Shop Drawings
  • Ductwork layout drawings
  • HVAC shop and fabrication drawings

Façade Shop Drawings

Shop drawings concerned with external components of the building like geometry and location are dealt in facade shop drawing services. Concerning shop drawing services are related to opening like:

  • Curtain wall shop Drawings
  • Glazing Shop Drawings
  • Storefront Shop Drawings
  • Glass Shop Drawings
  • Window Shop Drawings
  • Glass entrance Shop Drawings
  • Facade Shop Drawings
  • Interior Design Shop Drawings

Distinctive Features Our Shop Drawing Hold

Watson Drafting delivers its expert shop drawing services to clients everywhere in our work regions with the following distinctive features.

  • Our services comes with quick turnaround time
  • We offer fast and reliable delivery
  • Our shop drawings are budget-friendly
  • Accuracy is maintained in our drawings
  • Our services hold 3000+ successful completion of shop drawing projects.
  • Refined amount of quality assurance procedure
  • A comprehensive compilation of BIM Solution is provided

Shop Drawing Software We Use

Our team of expert draftsman shows their expertise with the use of the following software

  • Tekla Structures
  • Auto CAD
  • Revit
  • Inventor
  • Navisworks
  • Solid works
  • Fabmep
  • Advance Steel

Upload your all project’s file/drawings with complete specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will review and send you a quote within several couples of minutes for our shop drawings.

Our Shop Drawing Services Delivery Process

Watson Drafting plans effectively to assist our reliable clients in delivering accurate shop drawing services. We take care of this to make your construction project successful. Our expert draftsman begins the process of preparing shop drawings after receiving structural and architectural project files.

Contact us

Contact us now by delivering your project’s drawings through uploading.

Get a quote

After a comprehensive analysis of your plan, our team delivers you a questionnaire to know your construction project’s complete details. After a thorough analysis of your project details, we will provide you with a quote, completion date, and agreement on several services.

Receive Your Project’s Shop Drawing

After receiving your reply with the official agreement, we will deliver you a draft for a comprehensive review. Our team will get a follow-up through a phone call to discuss several adjustments to a final product.


What is the estimated time of delivery?

Our expert draftsman manages to deliver accurate and qualitative shop drawings within ten working days. Our management team tends to show its expert efforts to provide shop drawings within minimal rates. But we will send you a quote within a few minutes of receiving your documents.

What are the specific involvements in our shop drawing services?

Our shop drawing services include different things that include Steel Drawings, Millwork Drawings, Windows Drawings, Staircase and Railing Drawings, Metal Cladding Drawings, Skylights Drawings, Stainless Steel Products and HVAC Systems.

How to begin with us?

Upload your construction plan/drawings in the button mentioned above to define your construction drawings and specifications. Our team will deliver you a brief questionnaire and provide you with a quote, completion date, and shop drawing services agreement. In the end, we manage to send you a draft for a comprehensive review and give you a call to discuss adjustments in your final project.

What software do we use for shop drawing services?

Watson Drafting uses expert drafting software to deliver accurate and qualitative shop drawings. The names of the software used by our expert draftsman are Tekla, Auto CAD, Revit, Inventor, Navisworks, Fabmep and Advance Steel.

Do we support revisions?

Our expert draftsmen manage to deal with the shop and fabrication drawing’s corrections. We correct mistakes in the shop drawings and then provide our shop drawings.