Shop Drawings Services

Are you worried about any miscalculations or mishandling in fabrication? We have solutions for the whole fabrication market’s demand through our shop drawings services. Our drawings are comprehensive and fully accurate. They work as the complete guide for your fabrication process.

We have a team of expert and experienced engineers and detailing experts. They utilize the latest software and prepare the requested drawings. This way, they make sure that our drawings have details as practical as possible so that you fabricate with desired results.

Recipients of Shop Drawings

We have been serving a wide-ranging list of clients through our highly practical and detailed drawings. Over the years, our clients have given great reviews for them. Our clients include:

  • Engineer
  • Architects
  • General Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Fabricators
  • Erectors
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers

What are Shop Drawings?

These are a set of manufacturing drawings that interpret design for fabrication, hence called fabrication drawings (in addition to shop drawings). In these, a drawn version of all the materials and their manufacturing with the purpose of illustrating fabrication methods. All the needed details are added to them to provide the required effect.

Why Have Them?

Shop drawings are a really beneficial tool for fabrication and overall construction. It helps different sectors of building projects. It helps architects and engineers with the following aspects:

  • Design Prototype
  • Building System Coordination
  • Engineering Accuracy
  • Drawing Production Quality

Also, these help contractors with the following:

  • Construction Schedule Optimization
  • Cost and material details
  • Risk Reduction
  • Efficient Handover
  • Schedule Compression
  • Improved Design Quality

How are These Priced?

While the accuracy to fabricate with perfection is an important concern, the cost behind it too is important. Hence, the question might arise in your mind about our pricing method for shop drawings services. These are some factors we consider while pricing for any project:

  • The complexity of the project
  • How soon you require them
  • We charge per project not on hourly rate
  • Most importantly we keep no hidden charges

Shop Drawing’s Fields

Watson Drafting is a renowned detailing company in the United States. We have gained this reputation through our diverse shop drawings for construction projects. We cover all the fields namely;

  • Structural Components of the Project
  • Architectural Components of the Project
  • MEP Systems in the Project
  • Façade of the Project

Architectural Components of the Project

For architectural components, aspects such as size, orientation, and location are concerned in the drawings. Drawings are offered for the materials that form these components.

Structural Components of the Project

We offer these drawings for all the structural components in any project and their related materials. These cover drawings for erection, elevation, composition, and other structural attributes.

MEP Systems in the Project

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects and requirements are included in drawings representing these systems. We offer drawings for all three of them individually and as combined services.

Façade of the Project

Detail drawings for façade cover characteristics such as geometry and location. These also include drawings for all the different materials used for the façade.

Range of Shop Drawings Services

We are a comprehensive shop drawings services provider. Thus, we provide these services for every requirement regarding any given construction project. Our experts cover every detail with the utmost level of accuracy in them so that you go through the fabrication process smoothly.

Our range of these services covers every construction material and trade. The materials and trade we specialize in:

  • Steel
  • Millwork
  • Rebar
  • Pipe Spool
  • Cladding
  • Casework
  • Railing
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Piping
  • Façade
  • HVAC
  • Duct

Third-Party Review

One of many reasons why our shop drawing services are the right choice is the third-party review. We understand that contractors, fabricators, engineers, and others require details with certain specifications, highlighted, or by comparison. That is why we not only include them but also put them for a third-party review. We ensure this before delivering the final drawings.

Some experts review the drawings and ensure that all the details are included in them. This double-check has helped us with delivering error-free and accurate drawings to our customers. As a result, it has facilitated us with our goal of satisfied clientele and error-free installation.

Distinctive Feature of Our Shop Drawings Services

As a prominent company, Watson Drafting makes sure that its shop drawings services are the best solution for your fabrication needs. Hence, we provide our services with these distinct features:

  • We offer a quick turnaround time
  • Our service is reliable while being hasty
  • We ensure reasonable rates for our drawings
  • The latest tools and software are used
  • Accuracy is ensured throughout the drawings
  • Comprehensive details are confirmed in them

Upload your all project’s file/drawings with complete specifications of your construction project. Our expert team of drafting professionals will review and send you a quote within several couples of minutes for our shop drawings.

The Procedure to Have Our Shop Drawings

We value our clients in the highest regard and thus offer a highly easy procedure to have our shop drawings. Once you have your plan drawings you can contact us. Just follow through with this process to have our services.

Reach Us

You can contact us through the upload button, email, chat box, or by phone. Send your plan drawings by uploading them or through a cloud storage link.

Receive Our Quote

Our experts go through your plan and perform a complete analysis. Afterward, they send you our quote. Along with it, they will send you a questionnaire, the completion date of preparation, and an agreement on several services.

Receive Your Drawings

As you agree to our services, you will receive a rough draft of the drawings. Later, we will follow up with you to discuss everything in detail to prepare the final product.


Do you offer revisions for shop drawing services?

To ease our clients, we do offer them revisions as per their needs. The number of revisions and their cost is added in the initial quote.

How soon the drawings are delivered against the order?

Normally, our experts take about a week. Everything from analysis, preparation, and review is done in that time. Still, the scope of the project plays a vital role in it. At the same time, our experts can adjust as per the client’s work deadline.

How much do you charge for these services?

It depends on the scope of the project. After we receive a plan, our experts ready the quote accordingly and send it.

Can we look at your past works for these drawings?

Yes, you can check out our past samples. We have uploaded them for your ease. If they appear satisfactory go ahead and order our services.

What is the best way to hire your services?

We offer chat, call, and email facilities. Our experts provide the best customer dealing at all of them. Have a word with them and share with them your queries. Once satisfied, send them your plan and hire our services.

What sort of experience do your resources have?

Our resources are highly experienced in detailing and related services. They have around 3 to 10 years of experience in providing shop drawings services.