Structural BIM Services

Watson Drafting is one of the reliable and efficient platforms for structural BIM services for different construction platforms. We are expert and reliable enough to operate with a clear motive of providing our respectable clients with a considerable benefit by minimizing their costs, boosting their customer services, and maximizing their overall efficiency.

Our structural BIM modelers are efficient and adaptive to improve and show their structural BIM modeling services expertise. We use the most efficient software namely Revit and Tekla for the more accurate and qualitative results. In addition, our in-house experienced BIM engineers are proficient at dealing with Autodesk BIM and Revit BIM services.

Our professional team of structural BIM modelers or structural BIM consultants complete BIM projects for different sorts of structures such as residential, industrial, and commercial structures in the agreed time. Our experience effectively transforms specific structural designs and drawings into efficient BIM models with other parametric families.

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Define Structural BIM Services?

BIM is generally a 3D model that relies on a process and enables structural engineers to design, document and fabricate different structural systems efficiently. In structural BIM services comes structural BIM models. These BIM models display a 3D view of the different structural components like columns, beams, purlins, slabs, connection details, bolts, etc. Our structural discipline is interconnected to the strength of the building and involves different errors to design and compromise the integrity of the building.

Our structural BIM engineers are careful enough to apply certain design codes and standards during the various structural BIM modeling stages. Structural BIM modeling services involve architectural BIM and BIM MEP models to proceed BIM coordination process and ensure not having interdisciplinary clashes. Our clash-free model runs through reducing onsite rework and waste by increasing speed, efficiency, and profit margins.

Our Structural BIM Services

Watson Drafting is a reliable and efficient platform to deliver and assist them with structural BIM services such as these to all sorts of clients. Services we provide include:

  • BIM Models for Coordination
  • 4D Scheduling
  • As-Built Modeling
  • Precast Detailing/Modeling
  • Point Cloud to BIM Modeling
  • Creation of Parametric Libraries
  • BOQ and BOM Preparation
  • Revit Family Creation
  • Rebar Detailing
  • BIM Structural Services
  • Structural Quantity Takeoff Services
  • BIM-based Cost Estimation (5D BIM)
  • Structural BIM Modeling
  • Structural Shop Drawing Services
  • Construction Documentation

Our Comprehensive Detailing Services

Watson Drafting is a professional BIM company that deals with the following range of shop drawings and detailing or drafting services for a diverse range of clients around the world. These are the prominent ones among them:

  • Structural Shop Drawing
  • Rebar Detailing
  • Precast Detailing/Modeling
  • Accurate BOQ and BOM Preparation
  • Steel Detailing in Revit
  • Steel Structure Detailing

Perks of Having Structural BIM Services from Watson Drafting

An obvious benefit of having structural BIM services is to rely on higher flexibility in design analysis and adaptiveness for different design updates. Following are the few major benefits of BIM structural services at Watson Drafting:

Team Building

Our BIM software is efficient enough to cover both the relation and productive aspects and bring certain advantages. There are many conflicts between the different models and software to break down the barriers and conflicts between different specialists. Our convenient sharing of models involves an effective relationship between the specialists. Our team relies on sharing models that entail an effective relationship between the technical experts to exchange and share knowledge.

Measurement of ROI

Our interoperability and clash detection tools effectively integrate software and deal with different BIM platforms to save time and different aspects that easily emerge as a benefit to using the BIM tools. We also allow consuming several hundreds of hours in comparison to analyze drawings on a certain paper manually.

Minimize Errors

Our expert structural BIM modeler automates fabrication and improves results to provide structural BIM modeling services.

Enhance Structural Quality

We integrate structural analysis and design to deliver better outcomes in our BIM services.

Connects Design to Detailing

Our structural BIM modeling services are strategies to streamline workflows for an efficient amount of detailing.

Future of Construction is BIM

The widespread diffusion of BIM has not only shown concern about the world of software houses and technical experts throughout public and private clients. It also leads towards sector growth by replacing everything for different years to move around CAD.

Our Pool of Resources?

Our comprehensive and well-developed team of structural BIM modelers and structural engineers, along with structural detailers has 15 years of experience. Our experts in the construction industry have a prestigious history of dealing with construction projects. Our experience working effectively with different projects around the world. All this makes our resources sufficient to learn and adjust as per given standards and clients’ locations.

Our International Standards for Structural Modeling

We have an expert team of BIM engineers that hold experience of years spent in providing structural modeling and BIM services, around the globe with set standards. We build detailed structures of the building site along with the following range of international standards.

  • British Standards (BS)
  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
  • Australian Standards (AS)
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Standards (CRSI)
  • Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel (CISC)
  • Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM)
  • American Concrete Institute Standards (ACI)

Our Range

Watson Drafting has years of experience in dealing with a diverse range of clients. Each of our clients is important to us. We have provided our clients with structural BIM modeling services for projects such as the ones presented below:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Train Stations and Airport
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Schools and University
  • Industrial and Gas Stations
  • Historical Monuments

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The Most Efficient Software We use for Our Structural BIM?

The most acknowledged BIM software is Revit, with the different capabilities to proceed with Revit structure. This includes structural modeling and analysis that includes designing and analyzing different tools to proceed with the construction process. It also manages to allow certain cost estimation, extract material, and quantity takeoff. Our experts also generate structural building information models with the help of Revit software and assist in developing a building structure with a stronger capacity.

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