Tekla Steel Detailing

You are looking for Tekla Steel Detailing! We have it precisely as per your requirement. At Watson Drafting, we deem our clients in the highest regard. We offer our steel detailing with the utmost accuracy. To ensure the highest level of client satisfaction, we have an onboard team of 50+ steel detailers working in-house. Further, we utilize the drafting software in the most optimum manner.

Our drafting experts are highly skilled. They understand every aspect of the detailing process. All of this is the result of carefully picking the right individuals and a result of professional training. This makes them capable of handling all the concerned demands in today’s highly progressing construction industry.

Similarly, it makes the company able to handle all the different sorts of clients.

Avail Our Tekla Steel Detailing Services

Our Clients

Our concern is limited only to the construction industry. We offer our Tekla services to a wide range of clients. We offer our fabrication drawings as per the requested requirements. Our range of clients so far has expanded to these individuals:

  • Installers
  • Engineers
  • Steel Contractors
  • General Contractors
  • Architects
  • Erectors
  • Fabricators

What Do We Deliver as a Tekla Detailer?

We provide our detailing services as a complete solution for our clients. These not just facilitate our clients to ease coordination, but also work for the overall betterment of the steel structure concerned. Particularly, with our 3D modeling, we take our clients’ efforts to the minimum. As a renowned detailing firm, our experienced Tekla detailer is able to deliver these services:

  • Stair Handrail Detailing
  • Structural 3D Modeling
  • General Arrangement / Erection Drawings
  • Roof Truss Joist Detailing
  • Miscellaneous Metal Detailing
  • Post-Tension Detailing
  • Connection Sketches
  • Single Part / Fittings Drawings

International Standards for Tekla Rebar Detailing

Our Tekla detailers understand the software and are familiar with international standards. They keep these standards in mind as they prepare the required detailing drawings. This takes our drawings to the next level making them practical for the project at hand. These standards include:

  • AS – Australian Standards
  • CISC Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel
  • ASTM Standards – American Society for Testing and Materials standards
  • BS – British standards
  • RCSC Standards- Research Council on Structural Connections
  • AISC- American Institute of Steel Construction
  • ES- European standards

Our Experience with Tekla Over the Years

Tekla software is a specialized tool to deliver the appropriate information about the construction plan concerned. We have been in the business for years own. Over the period of time, we have provided a vast collection of shop drawings with this software.

Our modelers have gained much complete understating of the software so far. They can utilize it in the manner required and come up with the right outcome as requested. Also, they can troubleshoot in case anything goes wrong.

Resultantly, we have gained repute strong repute among our past clients. With our services, they have achieved the intended results. Their testimonials also have proven vital for us.

Why You Should Hire Our Services?

You are looking for Tekla detailing? You should pick us. We ensure these facilities along with our services. These facilities include:

  • Our customer assistance is available 24/7 for clients
  • Our experts are highly experienced and continue to have professional training
  • We utilize the software with extreme accuracy to deliver the right outcome
  • Our experience has made us more skill that plays an important role in our client handling

How To Have Our Tekla Steel Detailing

You wish to have our detailing services! We have the simplest procedure you can go through. This includes:

Contact Us

Call us or upload your construction project plan. It should comprise architectural drawings, specifications, and design plans.

Get a Quote

Once your plan is submitted, our expert detailers deliver you our quote within a few minutes. Our proposal comes with a project completion date, a questionnaire, and an agreement on certain services.

Receive Your Final Product

Our team will send you a rough draft after receiving an agreement from your side. Our customer support team will consult you through an email or a phone call to finalize your construction project.


Do your detailers provide revisions for the Tekla drawings?

They fully understand the software and can provide revisions as per clients’ requirements. However, the client has to state his demand, which is included in our initial quote.

What is your turnaround time for any projects at hand?

Our drawings preparation time depends on the scope of the project concerned. We also consider the client’s work deadline while carrying out the work.

How much do you charge for different construction projects?

As someone uploads his project plan, we prepare and deliver to him our quote. The cost of our drawings depends on the project. Although, we make sure that our charged cost is reasonable.

How can we think that your services are sufficient for our projects?

We hold a strong reputation and a lot of satisfied clients. You can check out the sample we have uploaded. These will help you understand our accuracy.

What is the easiest way to contact you?

We offer the facilities including call, email, and chat. You can contact us in any way you like and get the required Tekla services from us.

How much experience do your resources hold?

They are fully knowledgeable about the software and can utilize it in the manner required. They have been providing these services for about 3 to 10 years.